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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wall falls down in front of Scarano "finger building", plus Brownstoner, the finger might get the thumbs up

Had a deeply traumatic day so I have to do a reality check but it seems to me....wall came down today in Williamsburg also known as the East East Village.

Did the  natives  knock down a wall although  (they have expressed their rage in spray paint) or was it a gust of wind and flimsy construction in front of the zone busting Scarano "finger building" or who knows what caused this wall to fall.

 Scarano's finger building  message to the community intrinsic to his design.

I look at the ugly architecture of this new hideous New York and I wonder if there should be drug testing for architects as I look up at these sky piercing glittery buildings that some how got around the zoning for the rest of the neighborhood but for Scarano I would want him tested for ant-depressants because his are the most depressing buildings and his "sister" building the Bowery Hotel looks like a factory or prison.

By the end of the day I am guessing the new owner of this building couldn't get the fence fixed so he had a security guard installed.

This is the building that is waiting for a court ruling on whether some floors are going to have to come down....but for today it was just a wall...a wall of a fence...

Looks like the same building...

I  "heard" a bank now owns it and bought the air space next door for 8 million and they have won the right to supersize but of course you hope they will encounter a lawsuit, not just a strong gust of wind....