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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

UK, picks up my Karen Love Saves the day youtube, and more thoughts on the vibe I was "robbed"

It is great to see AOL and now are among the sites that have added my youtube from Nov. 23and as I mentioned some people have a habit of coming to my sites and coping my coverage with out crediting me.   

I am glad Karen and Loves Saves the Day are getting attention they deserve and for Karen of course I hope a new place here in the East Village.

Today,  I see "city room" The New York Times and "running scared"  The Village Voice have my coverage of Karen and Love Saves the Day but oops it is a couple of day after I posted the picture of Karen and Santa and the wedding dress and it is a man's name not mine....hmmmm.

Click to the above link and see the photo and date I posted the photo. 

gee and my photo days before on this blogs, do you think that the "man" that has virtually the same photo watched my youtube and was making it a habit to visit my blog....?

So you think he watched  my youtube about Karen and Love Saves the Day from November.

I clicked and it looks like my photo from days someone came to my blog and  "made it their own" and no one at the village voice or the new york times is going to ask him is this so....?     Hmmmm, it sure feels that way too me.

I actually have been photographing Karen and documenting her work in front of Love Saves the Day for over a year and did many postings on and Karen is my friend. 

 If you put up the same photo and virtually say the  same things EXCEPT TO CONTACT YOU RATHER THAN KAREN HERSELF do you think that is a red light something is very wrong and the new york times and the village voice don't care..

No link to my blog that covered this before the blog they link to that does not crediting me well, hmm, what is that?   Rip off?  Lack of intergrity?  Slimy, well it has happened to me before so not surprised just repulsed.     It could be worse, no one was   approach and lie to them and  told the blog is  my friend.

Go to the search engine for this blog and type in "Karen Love Saves the Day" and see how many postings I have done on this blog and I did many before on

Go to the search engine as well and type in Karen Love Saves the Day as the Village Voice and City Room The New York Times should have done before they rushed to post someone's coverage I actually mistook for my own because gee it seemed like exactly mine but posted a couple of days after my posting and weeks after my youtube which I kinda think was watched by this think?

Good luck Karen and Karen actually is a hard worker who is also put out her own feelers that I pray come to fruition.   I also hope that Peter of Whole Earth Bakery and Kitchen gets some miracle coming his way soon as he told me he is suffering from "landlord-itis".