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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tompkins, I yell "I Hate YOU" to the film crew

I was forbidden to walk in an area of the public park because as usual they are filming.


He doesn't know.

Why should he know or care. The attitude is learned from the very top.

I dream of my films being shot here (of course after I am dead) entertaining a global audiences but for the intelligent viewers we know I am talking about corruption.

I also don't want any actors that gave head to get ahead or producers, production managers etc.

I don't want people who are too skinny or too pretty but most of all I want money to be poured in to the community like it is a third world country the film crew is visiting because more and more it is as the poor grow poorer.

I always felt the film business fell under the catergory of what I call "very organized crime" -- they don't even have to make it to the movie theatres to make money.

I told a cop he should take acting lessons and going into acting when he retires. He has arrested s so many drug dealers, prostitues, criminals of all kinds so he would be still be in his element!

I like porn stars so much more because they are honest. There is such a fine line between the porn business and the movie business and it is getting finer every day.

Hardee har, just my terrible sense of humor.

I know I am sick with this ///ing flu, I have no money on me which is ridiculous just a c0uple of bucks to buycomputer time which is running out.