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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Talk on the Street, Jim Power upbeat and thoughts on unique East Villagers

I still feel extra wiped out from the flu so the actual name  alludes me, I think it the National Museum of murals and mosaics in public places, may be an online museum and a gentleman interview Jim Mosaic Man Power about his art today.   Jim is pleased.  I think he will be included in their Museum.  Jim is  is also working vigorously on his many websites.

I have not seen Karl "Santa" in the longest of times.   From what I recall he worked for the MTA and has a pension.  When he cashed his check his friends would take all of his money after he was drunk but they also were very kind to him; there is another East Village or many East Villages with in with many networks I guess there is one goal and that is  surviving.  

Karl was always very polite to the police when they would roll up and he would wish them a safe tour even if sometimes they busted him...Karl seemed to be more filled with grace than average inebriated guy on the bench.  I imagine he is uptown at one of these homeless outreach programs and doing well.  That was what I last heard but you never know.  I am sure we will see "Santa" at some point.  I hope he is warm and cared for.

I saw Edgar  who insisted on kissing my hand, ditto for another gentleman who insists on calling me "Happy" although I am anything but and if compliments where ruby and gold than they each gave me a treasure chest.  Edgar is in really bad shape but he graced me with a smile and honesty.  We have very frank direct talks.  He is bright, his eyes are the most alive part of his body and his thoughts are sharp like Karl.  I always think of this one Van Gogh self portrait at the Met Museum where Van Gogh has used many colors to represent his eyes and Edgar's eyes have so much color, bluish green and even a little gold...who knows, really really nice person...gentle soul.

There is also this magical older woman who seems to see and know a lot about the street and she was warmly tucked away in one of my favorite places today and she said she was "happy to see me smile".  I find that deeply moving.  I am assuming she doesn't have much but again her heart is hugely generous and she is a thoughtful person sometimes expressing concerns to me about a mutual friend.  I would like to take her picture but did not.  I also didn't take one of this absolutely funny guy that put on his knit hat, a take off of easy rider and it pulls down over your nose but has cut out for his eyes....he said "he likes to make out with his wife wearing the hat!" so funny and I gather it tickles him she is not quite comfy with that!