May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Monday, December 1, 2008

still sick with this flu

I am turning to mush, feel sick, can't wait to work out because it gives me that all natural high, not as high as my long runs I can't do anymore but definetely  my body feels better inside and out and I can feel the endorphins "the happy brain chemicals" release.

I know I have a following so that is my update about why no youtubes....

There is so much I want to tell you but I can't right now.

I also had a thought this morning about sueing several parties because of what I went through but for now I still say no because it means a long term "relationship" with people I don't want anything to do with.  I just thought about sueing because I feel damaged and I have not been able to put this behind me.  I do believe in a "higher court" and justice even if it is not in "our time" and I know justice can be served more fully than I ever imagined...way back in the beginning of the year I wrote about the "Fall of Arrogance" and than one foolish person "fell" and fell big and I predicted more falls -- That this year would be the fall of arrogance and clearly it was more than anything I could have ever imagined.

Just have to rest and focus on the positive and be grateful there is so much positive to focus on.