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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire, everyone told me it is a great film and it is but I almost ran out

Everyone said "Slumdog millionaire" is a great film and at the end of the film I agreed. I cried. It was so jam pack no one noticed.

This is an uplifting film BUT there are all kinds of horror imagineable and unimagineable that could happen to a child growing up in India (and elsewhere) and so ask me me how could I say it is  happy....?

At first it was so upsetting I felt I had to leave but I am glad I stayed.  It all comes together in a way I couldn't imagine that was uplifting despite the poverty and strife because of course as always there is the beautiful humanity with in that some how can survive.

By the end of the film including the ending credits it all comes together in the most positive way and celebrates the survival, ingenuity and love capable by the human spirit.

I was writhing in my seat yet again, I yelled out a couple of times and yes, tears.  I am not renting this film when it comes out on DVD, once was enough but wow....everything that happens to this young man literally has taught him something valueable and the acting is superb especially the children and young adults and the adults and they show all three at once on the screen at the end...
Very moving, I feel better but exhausted.