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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

revisiting post-traumatic stress, St. Ann's, NYU John the church murder Sexton, parishioners crying and praying on the street Sexton runs to City H

The person who happen to take a strikingly similar photo from this blog pulled a creepy thing with me and I don't visit the blog anymore for that reason and it ties in to NYU so I thought I would post that....also have to laugh that tied in to the creepy -- irony because later would end up linking to original blog  re: NYU rant, so ironic and pay back humorous to me because of "creepy"...but creepy raised his ugliness yet again...and getting the lastest email from Develop don't destroy Brooklyn, decided to repost this youtube.

Post-traumatic stressing yet again... remember the  parishioners crying and praying on the street,  the illegal air sale by the USPS over St. Ann's 120 East 12th because oops the USPS felt they are federal therefore above the law like blocking a fire hydrant and in my opinion and  experience which has been documented, many other things but NYU couldn't have torn down St. Ann's and supersized a church that should have been protected with out the USPS selling the air space over St. Ann's and the USPS  not notifying the State of New York as they were suppose to so the State could come in and examine is this in the best interest of the community and other concerns including environmental.   

Note:  Amanda Burden has pushed the supersizing of the little yellow Science building of Cooper Union which is wrong for so many reason including Cooper Union supersizing right by a subway that is rotted and leaking just like NYU and Union Square but also because Cooper Union is moving out and leasing for 99 years.

John Sexton rushed down to City Hall to testify that mayor King Bloomberg should have a third incoming mayor is going to put NYU a head of the community so Sexton ran down to protect NYU's real estate wheelings and dealing.

Visit 12o East 12th Street and see the facade from 1847 like a badge of Shame.

There is so much that feels just corrupt to me and criminal...