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Thursday, December 25, 2008

NYU loses 24 million in white collar crime aka ponzi I call "Boesky Shuffle" and it proves NYU really about mega real estate & mega bucks crushing us

NYU has crushed our community in the name of higher education not even needing to abuse eminent domain to push us out.  Mike Bloomberg is there front man with their dear friend mega millionaire socialite city planner Amanda Burden who acts like she is NYU's personal city planner and not our's the people of New York.  They crushed out community in this tsuanmi of developmment and this article proves their greed and just gives you a small inside what feels like NYU's corruption as they use the term "higher education" more as a tax shelter to continue to buy up as much property here in NYC and I am guessing abroad -- I am guessing major real estate holdings as well....

I have always say the only think John Sexton, Mike and Amanda have not done is provide NYU buses, trolleys and trains to move us out for NYU's unending need to expand.

John Sexton ran down to testify that Mike the mayor who would be King of New York must stay in office and I told  you he did so protect his real estate -- oops I mean NYU's real estate holdings.

When I complain about conflict of interests at community board level --  no wonder people laugh -- shrug their shoulders or tell me the bourough president is just as guilty, etc.   We are lucky Bloomberg news reported this, hardee har....does this mean NYU will be slowed down just a little as they continue their purple reign of terror tearing down our historic communities from Stuy Town to the Village East and West down to the tip of Manhattan?  No.  NYU has too many powerful connections and none are a conflict of interest, 24 million to NYU is like 24 mill to Goldman Sachs -- not enough to make a dent....NYU just gets to use the term "higher education,

Goldman Sachs, hey Hank Paulson, you want to help rescue Wall Street, give the firms the status of higher education -- so they can abuse their not for profit status like NYU and besides Wall Street has given us quite an education. How about Goldman Sachs University or Morgan Stanley University? We all got quite a lesson and they could use some more tax breaks and shelters like NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union!

I am sick again -- it was beyond unsettling to endure what I did and I have not settle in...I am sick and I have to rest.  I want to make a youtube.  I didn't want to come back to this site but NYU murdered St. Ann's Church which was mysteriously not landmark protected although a historic site from 1847.

I wrote so many short stories and 3 on wall street.

"Chopping the Street" talked about the tax payers paying billions to prosecute white collar crime but who knew Wall Street, NYU and the USPS would cost us so much as well including with the USPS's shady air sale over St. Ann's to try and make up just a little of their billions of dollars in losses because they have not been able to run a business that can even break even....
People don't have a lot of faith in our government here and abroad and why is that?

I had to write this on this blog because NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.  NYU and the USPS's shady wheelings and dealings at 120 East 12th Street next to my now ex home of 20 years and what I endured I pray will be in a film that tells a story -- a much bigger story and I would be happy if it was made after I kicked the bucket but smiling down knowing the story got told.

click here and click on chopping the street, one mega million at a time....for any underachiever that thinks it is about an infamous motorcycle club -- got to the back of the class -- it was written about white collar crime --how much it costs the tax payers and how they give to charities and are above the radar....

read it and enjoy -- it is on or listen to the podcast in itunes or on the podcast link at above

****Happy memory...carried "Chopping the Street" with me every where. Dad who is now 84 picked me up and took me to the Met Musuem for brunch. We sat on the rooftop of the museum as I worked on the story I carried with me like a 2nd skin.