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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NYC to marry and divorce Madonna! Budget rescue ideas

We the city of New York marry and divorce Madonna, Ron Perelman, Arod, etc.  emphasis on divorce with mega million dollar settlements.

We the city of New York secede from the State of New York.

We get rid of the "Conflict of Interest Committee" because apparently in NYC there is no such thing as a conflict of interest from the top of city government down to community boards!!!

City Council voted themselves a raise...still waiting for them to "unvote" themselves a raise since we have to so many massive budgetary cuts coming...

Refuse to pay for Christine Quinn's $600 criminal defense attorney and any more legal bills for her staff and council members involved in "slushgate" or at least ask them to find a lawyer that charges a lot less per hour since we are in the midst of an economic meltdown not to mention does anyone know what happen to that $17 million aka slushgate.  See The New York Post articles on this on going scandalous story that continues to leave New Yorkers "light in the pocket".

City Council decided to vote for us for term limits which was for them so let us get rid of city council as well along with borough presidents.

Please some one fire Amanda Burden, don't replace her and can be fine her 250 million dollars for supersizing our historic neighborhoods for her friends NYU, Cooper Union, Columbia U. for developer friends in Harlem, etc.  ?????