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Friday, December 12, 2008

NYC drug city

Just my theory but NYC feels like a drug city with so many people on legal and or illegal drugs and mixing prescribed drugs, etc. with alcohol.   


Pharmaceuticals have broken records advertising drugs on tv, internet, newspapers, postcards in book stores, feels like legalized drug pushing including to kids and it is a big business.

What is also scary is people mixing these drugs with alcohol, just so dangerous for so many reasons.  I think in the future there will be changes in laws and new forms of drug testing, an automatic look for certain mixes of drugs along with alcohol.  I wonder if there are stats already involved with violent crimes, hit and runs, etc. where tests show that legalized drugs mixed with other substances were involved?

A friend of mine was a hard core cigarette smoker and he was clueless to the fact that spending anytime with him meant your clothes and hair stunk of his cigerette smoke.   You understand the point I am making.