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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mickey Rourke The Wrestler

Mickey Rourke was and is extremely talented...he has "the gift".   The New York Post had a list of his many indiscretions and one was a sign that said no studio execs; if you are passionate artist and uncompromising, makes sense and execs are only about dollars and cents but he did self destruct.  Most every person has to battle with their demons, shooting themselves in the foot or as I see some people on park benches, shooting themselves in the arm with a needle.  Actors/artists and homeless people are just more public about it but there is no doubt Rourke is a talented soul and it comes from inside. 

That being said, I found the movie so bloody, "the staple scene" I no longer writhed in my seat but considered getting up and leaving.  I stayed.  I got the message.  I thought of Indian Larry and some infamous bad boys that died doing what they loved and people saying better to die doing what you love.  Being passionate...

Mickey Rourke was so winning especially when he was playing scenes interacting with fans and or the public in his "day" job.

Rachel Evan Woods was outstanding.   She is on my list of future potential superstars.   She has the fire.

I felt the cast of male wrestlers testosterone and steroids (?) aside exuded compassion which was a nice contrast to all the muscle and lycra and I believe does exist.

Now on to a strange topic...I get the vibe that porn directors are making more and more films that resemble main stream films and I can't help but feel main stream movies, independent films and commercials  resemble porno.   
Why would the director cast Tomei as a middle aged dancer when he could have actually hired a real dancer, middle aged-- the female counterpart  with a body like Rourke's, a body that tells her story the way his did in this film?   I felt Rourke and Dunaway had more chemistry -- as usual when I see Tomei I am puzzled and the Oscar she got was highway robbery but I feel that way about the Oscars a lot.  I can't even tell you who  won for what for what anymore, just that the show is way too long.  Contests are rarely about talent and more often about politics, popularity, who you know and ////.  Yes, I am being vulgar but it seems that is the way it is which again makes porno some how more honest than hollywood.

The film has huge problems and despite that Rourke does what he does in every film, he shines even if the film doesn't.   Rourke is hard to look at as are so many people that have gone over the top with plastic surgery and other things...again it would have been like "Enchanted Cottage" if the stripper was his equal and her aging body impacting her life as living on the edge does age you, wear and tear you apart and of course Tomei's body reflected none of that but the opposite.   Sad the director couldn't risk it and less blood more of the "human struggle".  

The best scene was a scene when Rourke is awakened by a group of neighborhood kids.  The energy of that scene was better than a chic dance performance I sat through at the Joyce.  Kids are so honest and was just a brief moment in the film but I loved the energy of that moment.

The character ends up alone because of his inability to put people before his need to be center of attention, so alone  but not truly alone at is up to you.  There were a few scenes that made me laugh but some really grossed me out.   I left the film shaking my head    .Rourke just has so much talent and passion.  (I saw someone the other day reflecting that same head shake my way.)  The film also touched on the issue of forgiveness and I have come to the point in my life where I have made it clear I felt wronged and an apology was in order.  I never got it and there is a point where it makes sense to write people off.  America loves redemption and happy endings but in real life it rarely happens.  Instead it seems about endurance.

I walked away thinking Mickey Rourke has a lot to focus on to feel good about.  I just don't know if he will allow himself to.