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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Laura Garza where is she?

It is hard to believe she has not been found yet.  If she was murdered it seems that whom ever did it had a very focused plan to hide her body.

The man who last saw her is now behind bars for other creepy things which apparently is where he should have been and he is unwillingly to say anything which, well, it makes him appear like saying anything might incriminate him and he is not displaying any behavior of someone who wants to help or has any empathy,  feeling for this beautiful woman and her family...not one word like my heart goes out to her family, I am sure she will turn up.

His lawyers have not pulled an "OJ" and blamed a drug cartel yet.  


I copied this from New York 1

The New York State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation is asking that anyone with information regarding Mele in general, or his whereabouts during the previous four days, contact (845) 344 5300. All calls will be treated as confidential.