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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Laura Garza, the news is not good

See my earlier posting that has links to The New York Daily News and NY1.
I turned off the news as quickly as I turned it on to get an update on Laura Garza and it seems there is evidence she is dead.  No arrest yet but it seems pretty clear who the no. 1 suspect is and her parents are flying in from Texas.

As pointed out I think on Channel 11, you can scan id's and use security cameras but it is clearly not enough.  The women that were brutally raped, murdered and thrown away like garbage where brutalized after they exited and although the news reports violence is down, in my opinion that is not necessarily true because victims just may not come forward if they have been given "the date rape drug", and other violence male and female that just doesn't make it on to the statistical reports.

What ever the reasons or motives, it seems you cannot be too careful...

Another tragic beautiful casualty and more families and friends grieving hard...

For me I stay away from bars and clubs but if people are going they really need a buddy system, be honest with themselves about not mixing any drugs legal or illegal with booze, be very careful and have the drink poured in front of you so no date rape drug (including not leaving the drink unattended) can be dropped in it and a predator can be dressed in an expensive business suit or the opposite there of, there aren't any classifications so you have to be so careful, call right rides if you need a safe ride home or a reputable car service. 

I do believe there are more "legalized drugs" being used, dealt than ever before in history because it has become such a big business with advertising and internet sales as well, plus illegal substances  and I think people mixing them with booze can either fall victim more easily or the other extreme, may be more prone to violence because of the drugs they are playing with like fire including adding booze to the mix.