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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Laura Garza, Mike Daly's piece in NYDaily News A+ compassion

I feel dizzy with flu and emotion.   Mike Daly gets an A+ for his coverage because of the dignity and compassion as well as the police officer he interviewed, the gentleman gets an A+ for compassion, his showed his excellence as a human being!
Often women are victimized 100 fold, murdered, subject of trash talk, blamed and other women join in, and the behavior is role modeled for kids to learn.  Note: their bodies often end of dumped like trash as was the case in Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore.

Mike Daly and the police officer he quoted treated Laura, what little we know of her except she had a stunningly beautiful smile,  Laura is treated with dignity.   I don't know what happened but as much as was revealed so far,  Daly and the officer showed compassion and the proper care with their words which clearly came from a real humanity not phony public relations or the worst extreme opposite terrible sexism and hatred of women.

Again the system failed society letting this guy out in the streets but as many of us know there are often many red lights, many of them and perversely people try to cover them out, make light of the destructive behavior and blame the victims.    

Do I think alcohol and drugs maybe prescription or illegal drugs were involved at least on his part...yes, that would be my guess and I also think there is more violence than the stats show related to night life.   This violent man's behavior is part of a statistical report and the "stats" meant nothing because he was out on the street.

I am so sick of the double standards and worse the hatred that seethes out in violence and starts with words.   The onslaught starts with words and escalates to physical intimidation and with it "blame".

I stopped in my favorite store "Babeland" and I began to feel so ill, I confess I was Ms. Cranky but I was transformed when someone handed me a tangerine and some kind words.  I wanted to make sure I stopped in Babeland today because for me the store stands for empowerment and equality.