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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanks Plaxico but we need Britney to pressure the mayor on down to the community boards -- in my opinion

If only Britney Spears would shot herself in the thigh at Doc Holliday in the East Village -- please Britney....


In my opinion the *NYPD is fine in my book for the most part but from the mayor on down it along with the SLA seem to turn a blind eye to non-celebrity grabbing problems and I would like to ask what are the stats to crime related issues regarding bars and nightlife including guns shots, rape, violence of any and all kinds, leaving the bars nightlife - hit and runs....

If I write FOIL I won't get the break down and info that I want.  In theory I could go to Community Board 3 where I lived for 20 years and when I did talk about bars and nightlife problems along with too many bars AND THIS IS IN THE MINUTES ON THE world wide web no one mentioned for the record....and as I recall the silence is on the record the community board chair owns a bunch of bars so in theory it is a conflict of interest and so was the silence at each meeting when bars and nightlife was mentioned and this is not put in the minutes as part of the record.

The mayor, Scott Stringer and everyone on the community board and sla community as far as I have heard (and the years of this goings on is proof as well)  have no problem and do not see any conflict of interest and some even have legal backgrounds.  Go figure.  There is a letter pointing out this conflict in that rag that sold it's soul to NYU -- greedy mover and shakers The Villager.

If only Plaxico has shot himself at Doc Holliday in the East Village...

Remember Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore may they rest in PEACE.

*The police at least I witnessed it by Union Square and in the East Village -- they handed out except guidelines tips to be safe.  

I emailed the SLA and mayor to ask this to be part of more actions to make it safer but that never happened.   I even want safety tips printed out on receipts when you pay for a drink, warning about mixing legal drugs or any drugs with alcohol etc.

To The Editor:
Re “Not the O.K. Corral” (Police blotter, Nov. 30):
Can someone pinch me? Smashing someone over the head with a cast-iron table causing the victim to bleed “profusely” is a routine, commonplace event, according to David McWater, the owner of Doc Holliday’s bar. I am amazed at his casual acceptance of such violence! Isn’t there a conflict of interest when a man is leader of a community board and owner of 11 local bars?

Michael Gottlieb

The letter above is in response to THE POLICE BLOTTER Nov. 3o.  2005

Calling all celebrities if you are going to give in to the impulse to carry an illegal fire arm and shoot yourself PLEASE DO SO IN A BAR OR CLUB ON THE LOWER EAST SIDE.


If you search the villager's search engines on this "not" a conflict you can find more...
It is clear we need term limits at community board level along with voting and all community board meetings should be televised as well but democracy "seems" to be to expensive and we can only hope for some celebrity calamity to bring attention to issues that need addressing.