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Saturday, December 6, 2008

How Not To die, suprising lessons on living Longer, safe, healthier by Dr. G

Dr. Jan Garavglia, M.D. is a forensic pathologist, Chief Medical Examiner for District Nine, Florida and tv show star as well showing us the "inner working" of what she does and of course she solves the mysteries of "her patients" for lack of a better word.

I just started this book and part of her beauty is her positivity including thanking each and every person she has autopsied because they allowed her the privilege to learn.   I love her "acknowledgements" including to her husband.

I really like her and I am riveted.  Can't wait to finish reading this book and in just a few minutes I learned a lot.  She turned down the option of being a doctor treating the living, finding patients unwilling to make changes to improve their health frustrating yet her tv has inspired many to make the changes they need to when she shows them what a liver damaged by alcohol abuse looks like.  

She is not a coroner but she explains the origin of the word and system dating back to the 12th Century A.D., England where sheriffs where their main job was collecting taxes for just about everything like here in NYC but the sheriffs where stealing all the money and the king figured it out and created the coroner position to keep track of the money and I will give you a big hint 
dieing even than was expensive!!!!   You know I am fascinated with corruption and I do think living and even dieing in New York is expensive so you can imagine what is running thru my mind if you have been following my thoughts on local politics....

I don't want to be autopsied but if I have to be I would want her to do it.  She has such an amazing positive respectful attitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!