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Friday, December 26, 2008

GoodbyeEastVillageeastvillageblog NYU white collar investments gone bad brought me back but I am done

My goal is never to return to blogging at this site but yesterday NYU got me so upset yet again, they want to sue for 24 million, go sue yourself the pts had me back here....I may set up a new free blog site but for now I will post at the link above....

I have yet another cold -- the move -- moves have been more than unsettling and yesterday reading the papers was post traumatic stressing for me. NYU wants to sue for the 24 million they lost but if they had won big bucks they would have used that to continue to buy up destroy our communities all in the name of higher education although NYU's big bucks go to real estae wheelings and dealings and other great white shark dealings that include great white shark lawyers.

I am done with this blog but NYU and it evil empire in the newspapers so upset me I came back but I don't want to anymore.  Goodbye.

Just made a 10 minute youtube and I couldn't even fit in the positive memories of the Letters Editor at The New York Times that was a genius and other positive thoughts regarding people that handled me: Utopia Dystopia, The Wall Street Journal the person that edited my letter,  and my art with super star energy that I so appreciated so sometimes artist do have the positive experiences.
Did a long long youtube about wall street, my art my short story chopping the street, my thoughts on mickey rourke...

I wrote this how long ago and talked about how difficult it is to police and prosecute white collar crime and how much it costs the tax payers in billions but never imagined the meltdown would be a tsunami and Maddoff would replace Ivan Boesky has the next great white shark who is going to be serving time for what I call the Boesky shuffle, a term I made up...

Go to the youtube site for links and more info and to my apple mac blog until I get a new one set up.

Thanks as always to the people that visit my blogs and are coming from a good place, back at you, happy holidays, a blessed safe new year and thanks and gratitude,
Suzannah B. Troy