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Friday, December 12, 2008

exhaustion, thoughts on violence towards women, violence

Following the stories waiting to hear the updates on Caylee -- over the top heartbreaking, a child a beautiful little girl,  her body was found with duck tape over her mouth in a garbage bag near her home.  In this case her mother is the prime suspect.   I just can't believe she did it but one of the people on Nancy Grace has a theory that could explain why and how she did it.

 Makes me think of Nixmary...
I am waiting to hear updates on Laura Garza.   I think of Imette St. Guillien and Jennifer Moore suffering the unimaginable and than murdered and tossed like garbage.  

The violent man that slashed the boy because he put his nap sack on his BMW.

This boy survived but Keyanna Jones was stabbed in the heart, murdered and the grand jury decided the murderer who was taunted by teens was justified, somehow stabbing an unarmed teenager girl was self defense.... I don't understand how.... I had read she had nothing to do with the teens accepting asking for people to calm down.   I understand a gang of teens is frightening but stabbing a defenseless girl to death and walking free on the street, while she will never grace the street again.

I am also waiting for people to call the NYPD and assist in finding the murders that people one of two Ecuadorian brothers.

There is a rash of robberies in the West Village targeting women.   A woman's jaw was broken.
A mom was mugged at the steps of her building, her small sons thought the mugger was hugging Mom.  She is okay but she and her family feel violated the way any of us have that have been forced to feel unsafe just trying to walk in to our home.  There have been day time robberies and late night robberies possibly separate but all women need to be extra alert.

Everyone be careful when you go in to ATMs...

A man is now following people in to ATM robbing them.   He is armed 23-35 black male 5 foot 8.   I know we all want to be polite but do not hold the door open for someone and if you have any doubts do not go in and get your money else where.

I feel exhausted...

I am praying these criminals get caught, the murders and the ones that are clearly violent...they need to be caught and Laura needs to be found so her family can have peace.  Same for Caylee's family.