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Sunday, December 7, 2008

East Village updates on characters and eviction struggles

I am working on a couple of short videos for youtube about Whole Earth Bakery.

"M" emailed me to give me an update on "Jay" one of our local characters who is for now not homeless but has a roof somewhere in Brooklyn.  For now Jay is not drinking which of course is a good thing.

Sadly, Edgar is worse for the wear today.  He was genuinely happy to speak with me and he was forlorn because of his inability to help himself as he sat on the sidewalk in the harsh wind and cold weather.  He was a psychotherapist and he told me helped people, I nodded confirming my belief in ability to do so  but he was sad at his inability to help himself.  I assured him he was not alone but he said the fact did not console him.  Often in the streets and park benches you can see people prisoners of  vicious cycles in plain sight while many struggle internally in the privacy of their homes or behind cubicles in their office.