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Monday, December 8, 2008

Drug rape claim Tribeca Hot Spot, The New York Post, my thoughts on safety tips


1) Buddy up -- go out in a group and stick together and even better if one  or more persons remain sober to look after the "group".

2) If you have a drink make sure it is poured right in front of you and do not leave the drink unattended.   Someone can drop the date rape drug in your drink and it can be anyone --- dressed in a very expensive business suit to a uniform so be alert.

3)  Call a car service or or a friend or family member -- do not walk out in the street by yourself to get home especially if you feel the effects of alcohol.

4) Do not mix prescription drugs with alcohol or illegal drugs either.  

5) + I would have to hear drunk people screaming as they left bars late at night -- yelling things like "Where did I park my car?".     Do not get find the wheel of a car if you are drunk.  Do not let a friend who is drunk drive either...we have lost New Yorkers to hit and runs because of drunk drivers.   People have died in too many drunk driving incidents...

Alcohol is legal but it is a drug and it is related to many violent crimes and associated with people being easy targets for victimization as well as causalities from violence resulting in death including drunk driving.

+ After Imette St. Guillen's tragic death I emailed the mayor, SLA and asked that safety tips and warning about mixing drugs w/booze, etc be printed out on every receipt as well as posted up by the bars but zero response.

I also called Christine Quinn's office to get help on night life concerns before I went to the local precinct community meeting to speak and Christine Quinn's office was sub-zero in regards to helping me and the experience was so awful I would never vote Quinn based on this and her stance on term limits as well as the slush fund scandal.

+I also contacted the NYPD about concerns for safety for NYU students and the NYPD was responsive to me concerns.  They did follow through, telephoned me and we discussed my concerns.

I do fear Laura Gara has been murdered and she is yet another casualty of the nightlife scene but they are predators of all kinds that get off on all forms of harassment, intimidation and I can't help but wonder if some are working their way up to more violent forms of crimes and not enough is done to respond to the red lights by society, the legal system, etc.