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Monday, December 29, 2008

done with this blog, but I have more to come

I returned to this blog, NYU made me feel so violated, destroyed the East Village, mega dorming it to death East and West including Washington Square Park , I believe that NYU is the no. 1 reason the city felt the necessity to rip out trees and flatten (to discourage the theatre spectacle and protests the fountain was a magnet for) and centering the fountain with wasteful and unwanted "improvements".   NYU owns the majority of property around the park including the most hideous ugly buildings, again NYU's improvements.   NYU turns the public out of a public park every year for graduation which hardly seems legal but NYU is above it all even using Broadway and Lafayette as their parking lot for buses and trolleys.   The mayor puts NYU before the people of New York City.  Amanda socialite mega millionaire city planner acts like she is NYU's city planner.   Everything has been about  catering to NYU, the no. 1 real estate magnate and Evil Empire, purple reign of terror.  NYU's purple reign of terror tearing down St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street and the terrible upset that came along with it all still gets me so upset and I find myself returning to this blog.  

I believe NYU and Cooper Union have supersized in the East Village by Union Square subway and Astor Place subways which are rotted and leaking, that are infrastructures so many are in terrible shape so that when it rains it is like Venice, Italy in the streets and in the subways.

NYU weighs heaviest on our old infrastructure with all their mega dorms in the East Village.

NYU destroyed the East Village and my life in the East Village along with some very disturbing circumstances all documented and I pray there will be films is my own "Murderville" or "Murderville in the East Village" and I have written so much on this on this blog...Now that I have seen Mickey Rourke's lastest performance I would love him to have a small part in the film but I really prefer any films if they get made be made after I am long gone and they tell the truth even if it is thru a fictional tale like Murderville about what went down here -- including the big picture.

I don't want to come back to this blog yet I find myself returning. NYU's 24 mill thanks to Madoff but if it had been 24 mill NYU made in profit -- we would not hear it in the news but feel it in the community with more NYU buy ups and push outs all in the name of higher ed.

I do feel I am in the midst of change and there are some people I will never talk to again.  I could imagine them bragging they were my friend, I knew her, people who were very cruel bragging somehow trying to act like they were anything but -- if you do hear this ask them -- why if she was a friend was she not part of your life...There is one friend I miss love and cherish "J" and the only one I would want to "recycle" and have back in my life at some point down the road if there is that point. 

Once a character told me he ate dinner with Uma Thurman and her than husband, no. 2.   When I asked him questions I found out he was only in the eatery not with them.   It was fantasy. It doesn't matter but my point is ASK QUESTIONS.  
To those that held my belongings and cared for my plants thanks and gratitude. Special shout out to Beth and Shayna.    A magical soul sister is still holding some of my stuff tucked away in a basement in the East Village thanks and gratitude.  Flower Power where I hope to get more healthy items to get healthy and Lata so compassionate.  So many wonderful people when I think of it...just get upset, yet again , post traumatic stressing but focusing on everything good all the good people, good energy and there is so much.

So many people that are good souls thanks and gratitude.  I know everyone is going thru rough times now and we are all in need of miracles.