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Saturday, December 20, 2008

inner beauty switch on despite batteries almost dead, attitude of gratitude

We are getting close to the holidays and happy holidays what ever you are celebrating and a blessed happy healthy new year.

So happy my cats both on lives 9 are with me, this year they both almost took the express to Heaven and amazing doctors at 5th Ave Hospital, Chelsea Vet and Animal Medical Hospitalplus Claudia and all helped us thru so meows, thanks and gratitude.  Dr. Sola you saved my cats life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To every person that shine positive good energy at me back at you, wishing you a 100x good karma in your direction.

To the NYPD, that goodies that do such a good job we take for granted that you are doing what ever you do to keep us safe and that includes Commish Kelly, he is the only one in city government I actually like except for Tony Avella.  I also really like Bratton and I will always remember him talking to us at the New School about the community.

I am so tired and drained and the last year has been very disturbing.  There is an NYPD sgt., I remember your name but sorry I can't remember your face but you exuded integrity and you did so in front of a young officer so thanks and gratitude...

I do hope the mayor continues to have "reality checks" wake up calls ephiphanies as he is beginning to do re: many topics like Senior citizen center to just about everything including the most simple honor due, honoring the largest loss of our rescue workers in our nation's and city's history, how about their rank and that doesn't begin to touch on "Betrayal at Ground Zero" the title of my letter published in The Wall Street Journal; who knew the betrayal would grow exponentially.  Thanks to the younger fireman that had a five alarm fire in my ears and heart about surviving downtown by seconds because his 5 alarm fire inspired that letter and to all those rescue workers that took the Express to Heaven -- a world wide audience saw your courage even if the mayor and John Whitehead erased this historical fact of history from the WTC site all theses years.  To their families and to everyone who lost loved ones in away that took them too soon.  I also included Fireman Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffaginino on the list of heroes and everyone taken by the death dust that ran down there that day and the days and months following.   

There were too many people that died too young and I think of Tina Negron, Adrienne Shelly who does deserve an Oscar posthumously and I think of Keyanna Jones although the list is so long...

I love this city so passionately but it does feel like loving an absolutely crazy lover and what is good is really really, realllllllllly good and what is bad is very, very very bad.

I do love New York.

p.s.  Thanks to my 2 Dads, Lai and Gregory at Vidal Sassoon who could tell from the state of my hair I needed help and they worked miracles on at least making me look like I have more hair than I do.  The t shirt is Victoria Keen and I get compliments constantly from people on the street when I wear her yoga pants.  She is on Lafayette Street across the street and one block up from Noho Star.