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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Rumor Internal Affairs Arrest Set-Up?

Rumor Internal Affairs Arrest Set-Up?

Rumor -- recent arrest?  IA very own Sgt arrested --- a set-up -- pay back -- for allegedly knowingly buying stolen merchandise?

Pay back a set-up by a cop he put away or by a higher up?

I hear arrest  a possible set-up -- took place in Washington Heights.

Was this part of Internal Affairs pay back like the NYPD  PBA Fixing and Favors scandals and the lead Det. IA was removed on the particularly heinous case Ramos -- that is starting now - the lead Det hero truly get punished -- sure sounds like more pay back to me....
Queens DA and IA decide Deputy Chief Marino (tested positive for Human Growth Hormone) who can be heard telling Adrian Schoolcraft to be a man act like a man --- and DI Maurellio decided they were allowed to bring in ESU that is the NYPD Swat team with machine guns -- close off the street -- bring in a fire truck and make Schoolcraft return to the Precinct because the allege he went awol when in fact he notified his Sgt he was leaving because he felt ill.  He had good reason to.  Top brass NYPD take him to a mental ward at a hospital not the closest despite behind heard saying we are concerned about their safety translations we are here to serve retribution.

Beside the main stream media not reporting Richard Brown shocking refusal to put Schoolcraft being kidnapped by NYPD top brass and taken to a mental ward -- Det, Kevin Spellman found guilty in the Bronx of manslaughter killing an innocent woman because he was drunk 3 times over the limit -- there are three devastating NYPD trials now being heard in the Bronx but no one asks Bloomberg, Kelly, Quinn and any politicians for a comment instead The NY Times that did do pieces on Durk and Serpico are doing pieces on commissioner Kelly doing a ribbon cutting for Albee's at the behest of Howard Rubenstein -- google his name and client list -- take a look and is it even ethical but no one asks Kelly for a comment on Schoolcraft ruling.

In today's NY Post Off-Duty Cop Charged With DWI, Hitting Cars in The Bronx

"The incident marks at least the sixth time an NYPD cop has been arrested since the beginning of November, including a former Marine who was also driving drunk, an officer who keyed a man's car after a heated argument, and a jilted sergeant who viciously threatened his ex."

Funny our health conscious mayor has nothing to say about NYPD drinking and driving including manslaughter for NYPD Det Spellman. 

Bloomberg nothing to say about Adrian Schoolcraft's tapes, the Queens DA refusing to put Schoolcraft's abduction by his superiors using a Swat team before a grand jury who would have indicted  Deputy Chief Marino and DI Mauriello for starters and no comment about 3 very disturbing trials in the bronx.  

Google Bloomberg Kelly darkest days.
The first precinct det squad fixing under DI Ed Winski -- I was assaulted Sgt Chen even referred to me as you are the one assaulted in the doctors office but according to the first precinct it never happened well was there some creative fixing by the same squad under Bologna for a retired cop NYPD tied to the 911 Tech Scandal?

ps David Cohen NYPD Intelligence Division- I would like a meeting with your some where where I can record you and you can record me -- why don't we have a chat about the NYPD -- from my perspective and I would like to hear yours.   

I know you have my contact information -- I didn't give the Intelligence Division my tele no,  but I made a complaint against one of your Detectives and a Sgt for your division called me so I know you have my tele. no.
Feel free to set up an appointment and no accusations of spying so feel free to record me and I will record you.

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