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Friday, December 7, 2012

The Feds Need to Investigate the NYPD Terrorizing New Yorkers

The Feds need to investigate NYPD Terrorizing New Yorkers. I was assaulted and the corrupt det used a false complaint by the woman who assaulted me a crime to threaten me and coerce me in to dropping charges and he said the same stupid and wrong words said to honest protestors protesting outside another NYPD precinct stop and frisk.

I am one of the most published civilians for the NYPD after Sept. 11 including asking for a raise for the FDNY and NYPD in The New York Times and "Betrayal at Ground Zero" in The Wall St. Journal and I am telling you the NYPD are out of control.  I was assaulted and det. John Vergona of the first precinct wanted me to wait 4 days until Sat. to be false arrested for refusing to drop assault charges and using a false complaint.  Why did he want a Saturday arrest and why did he refuse to meet me and see the blood around my eye and defense marks on my left forearm.  Why did the det who took the false complaint never contact me either?
Because they decided they were going to make this assault go away and not investigate. Vergona never went to the office to interview anyone.  He said the det. on behalf of the woman that assaulted me did his job for him.  He refused to interview my MD who saw my before and right after the assault.

Believe me I understand what it is go admire good cops and be grateful for the work they do that most people take for granted but Det. Vergona, his co-workers and supervisors including Sgt. Chen wanted to send me a message and I got it.

Wait until the NYPD does it to you.

The NYPD are out of control and that is the mantra on the street.

We had the Knapp commission and the Mollen commission and it is time for a new one.

CCRB has been shut down since Hurricane Sandy and Queens DA and Internal Affairs just said the NYPD going to Adrian Schoolcraft's home and taking him to a mental ward was legal okay and warranted.  Are you kidding me?

NYPD have arrested a record amount of peaceful protestors and treated them like criminals.

1 Trial just ended Det off duty manslaughter another manslaughter trial starts in the bronx Dec 11 and also Ramos for he and his wife conspiring to hire a hitman to kill key witness.
NYPD have killed how many innocent new yorkers drunk driving or bullets -- shot how many people?

Mike Bloomberg's private security NYPD intelligence division det leopold mclean did he go to jail for attempted murder?  he shot a man off duty he perceived as a rival and did not call his NYPD supervisors to tell them he used his gun off duty as required.

The NYPD got caught raping how many women that we know about and how many raped that we don't know about because as the First Precinct Det Squad taught me the can be really creative making civilians not report crimes.

I was told my Sgt Chen that I had the right to report a crime -- a false complaint and he said lady come down to the precinct and reported it.  I did and was turned away. I had alerted his supervisor Lt. Angelo Burgos I was going to reported as well as IA and I was turned away and Sgt Chen refused to come down or get on the phone.

I reported Chen and Burgos as well.

Is IA investigating corruption or covering up for NYPD corruption and fixing.

After all NYPD PBA fixing and favors does not just happen in the Bronx but all over but only one DA the Bronx DA has the courage to go after corrupt cops.

For any honest good cop thanks for your service but sadly it seems there are few of you and corruption prevails and or "cooping" just collecting a paycheck and doing as little as possible.

Time for a new commission in to corruption and the Feds to come in and stop NYPD terrorism of innocent New Yorkers.