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Thursday, December 20, 2012

NYPD Rape Cops Moreno and Mata 9th Precinct Jail Today

NYPD Rape Cops Moreno and Mata Jail Today

It took way too long to put NYPD Heroin Rape Cop Moreno in jail.   Cy Vance's handling of the heroin in Moreno's locker shameful.   Was the heroin to barter for sexual favors or to plant on someone?

The article in the NY Post makes no mention of braggart Joe Hell Bound Tacopina who's website still boasts of getting the rape cops off.  Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel not mentioned and all the feminist groups ignorant of his hate crime and court and my activist work filing a complaint with the Supreme Court.   His response was to threaten me with a law suit if I did not with draw my complaint.
I responded I would counter sue and listed names of who I would call starting with Kerik as well as names listed in a legal document -- it is amazing the info I hear or is shared and for good luck I share so I am not alone on any topic blogged about.   Do the math.

Information is an asset.

Seigel's response was rape treatment style and I shared with The Village Voice.

Note Ny Post article never mentions Tacopina and Seigel.
Is Joe going to change his website.

How many rapes cops caught after Moreno and how many have been caught because they were threatened.   I was not raped but I was violently assaulted and a corrupt cop threatened me with false arrest unless I dropped the charges using a false complaint another criminal action by the woman who assaulted me. 

By the way keep the info coming.  I am listening.

By the way what was or are the costs of Moreno's legal fees?