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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NYPD Police Officers 3 Trials Begin Bronx Attempted Murder, Drugs, Perjury

Scroll down on link to see the 3 trials I copied and pasted from Bronx DA docket!
Haste accused of manslaughter and Ramos conspiring to hire a hit man...

Ramos, a New York City Police Officer, and his wife Abreu have been charged in a new indictment with conspiring to hire a “hit” man to murder a witness in a criminal case against Ramos. It is alleged in court papers that the defendants from September 15, 2011 and continuing through May 7, 2012, attempted to arrange the contract killing through face to face meetings and telephone calls, some of which were recorded at a detention facility on Rikers Island, where Ramos is awaiting trial.

While these trials begin CCRB is still shut down by Hurricane Sandy!!!!!!

and.......this is a must read as well....

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