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Monday, December 17, 2012

NYPD Ed Winski First Precinct Suzannah B. Troy Violently Assaulted by Delita Hooks Dr. Fagelman Employee "Fixed" NYPD Fixing

First Precinct NYD Det Squad Makes Violent Assault MD's Office Disappear

NYPD First Precinct has not been exposed yet in fixing crime but stay tuned as New Yorkers anger grows and collectively throughout New York City People are demanding the NYPD have an outside monitor and a commission.
NYPD Chief Esposito's office referred me to Internal Affairs and DI Ed Winski.    Ed Winski never called me back. 
How is that for NYPD First Precinct professionalism.

Watch me being violently assaulted by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist office manager Delita Hooks who first before I started filming berated me for asking would she consider paper cups instead of styrofoam cups because it is better for the environment and Hooks menaced me as I exited so pleased with herself for violently giving me the finger.

Watch.  There is nothing a patient could do to warrant this violent assault.

She could close the door but instead she assaults me three times before I fought back defending myself from this violent woman who was not fired but returned right to the front desk which is where she still is.

I just had a hole in my retina repaired that I believe was caused by her removing her shoes and running a me punching me in the eye.

Google Dr. Fagleman MD Assault and read more.

I reported Det. John Vergona and his associates involved in making this violent assault go away.
A doctors office is suppose to be a safe place.  I reported Det. Vergona's supervisors as well
Sgt. Chen and Lt. Angelo Burgos.

The NYPD First Precinct Det Squad made this violent assault go away and IA is investigating but we have concerns IA protects corrupt cops more often than they punish them.

I have a tip the same Det Squad did creative policing for a retired cop under DI Bologna.

DI Ed Winski did not return my calls when I reported Delita Hooks filed a false criminal complaint so I had to report him to Internal Affairs and CCRB as well.

If Delita Hooks did this to any NYPD daughter I would love to see the NYPD's response.

Please watch and send to friends -- the video of me be assaulted -- the beginning -- when she punches me - runs and punches me in the eye the screen goes black and than she violently grabbed my hair and kicked me in groin but as moved away but only as far as I could with her holding on to my hair.