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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christine Quinn Illegal Third Term now Campaign Loop Holes to Try and Steal Mayor Job?
Christine Quinn pushed through an illegal third term selling the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg to help us with the economy and more People fell in to poverty and or were displaced, pushed out of their neighborhoods as Quinn became the co- owner of a one million +$ condo and a house in New Jersey so she and the people donating to her campaign have grown richer as the quality of life continues to fall but Christine Quinn is far more ambitious than she is intelligent and has no integrity. 

Alec Baldwin said she has blood on her hands because of term limits -- well what about not fighting for protective zoning for a hospital where St. Vincent's Hospital was? St. V's has a Rape Crisis center and Quinn and another tax payers black hole Scott Stringer march in anti-rape protests but they sold us out to Rudin and they know what they did so they won't march to St. Vincent's now Rudin luxury condos and demand a Rape Crisis Center and Trauma Level 1 hospital.

She and all involved will get their just desserts even if it takes a long time like those arrogant wall streeters who thought they were invincible like so many at City Hall and for now they are with the Manhattan DA and US attorney giving the immunity unofficial or official.

I wish Christine Quinn and her staff 's legal bills and the law firms they used where listed on NYC Gov website and that her staff was caught working on NYC Gov time working on her campaign. She already is using slush money yet again -- abusing slush aka tax payer money and using back room deals and re-zoning districts to help steal the mayor job in 2013 so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course!

My campaign video for Quinn and Bloomberg mayoral run 2013

and my parody media News Bias protest in front of The New York Times