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Monday, December 3, 2012

Bloomberg's Scandalous CityTime Trial Delayed & SEC Head Quits!

Bloomberg's Scandalous CityTime Trial Delayed & SEC Head Quits!
Note;  Preet is delaying the pre-trial blaming Hurricane Sandy to some degree so folks this means the trial will be delayed as well which at this point may allow Mike an exit as mayor as his "service" I prefer rule/abuse of power to make him and his puppets and pals far richer is over -- although he wants to extend his rule via Christine Quinn.

If New Yorkers grasped what he is guilty of he would be forced to resignnot that we have any leaders to step up.  (From the White House to Albany to City Hall from the right and left we are doomed....they run it like a corrupt corporation not a government....)

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Head of SEC quits -- does that mean SEC going to come out of coma and go after SEC for role in CityTime (screwing over robbing NYC tax payers -- yes folks that is you -- if someone robbed your wallet or smart phone but you don't seem to care we were robbed on CityTime and ECTP the 911 tech system and we are not getting the proper responses of the authorities including the SEC.

Preet Bharara refuses to go back in Time CityTime and re-do the indictment.  It seems like he is protecting top SAIC officials and NYC Gov officials.   His office claims they are swamped with millions of pages of paper work but SAIC shareholders suing SAIC agree with my theory about SAIC robbing us way back before Denault was even hired.  The Richard Valcich letter proves it.  My vid of me reading only part of the letter has almost 9,000 views.
Documentary Film Maker on Mike Bloomberg explaining how he makes millions of dollars a day as mayor -- since this film was made Mike's private fortune as grown even more.

SAIC the Artful Dodger