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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Yankee Stadium Parking lot owes NYC millions but developer contractors architects can break the law not pay fines IT IS OKAY to the tune of over a bi

Excellent reporting I talk about this article and CityTime tax payers Titanic that you continue to expose. I heard on the street that the city ECB environmental control board- was owed over a billion dollars by developers, etc Christine Quinn collected lets say 14 million and forgave almost a billion in dept. I am told DOB was owed a fortune and not only does not collect but doesn't shut down corrupt developers. architects, contractors because that would be bad for business. We wouldn't have to have all these catastrophic cuts if the city and state of NY were not so corrupt.

I posted the above comment on the NY Daily News website.

I would add to push economic development that catered to the mega rich and crushed our communities city wide causing mass displacement Mike Bloomberg threw out the legal requirement that DOB commissioner have an architect degree and or an engineer degree.

DOB has a notorious history for taking pay-offs as I am guessing so is DEB - Dept of environmental protection based on all the violations I can see and hear but when we saw all these deaths and injuries under Mike Bloomberg's greedy reckless tsunami what was further exposed was DOB was sending out crane inspectors that did not have the education and qualifications required.

Bloomberg followed Guiliani's lead to supposedly save the city money but really to give greedy developers the green light to break the law and not get caught but allowing architects to self certify so you had corrupt architects like Robert Scarano breaking the law. DOB would have let it slide and did with too many of his zone busting buildings called finger buildings because they all bust through zoning and give the community the finger.

Activists worked so hard to expose Scarano's corruption he was FINALLY stopped.

I will never ever go in to the Bowery Hotel, a Scarano building that some how got to bust threw zoning on the Bowery like NYU mega dorms on 3rd Ave which become the Bowery and led the way for mysterious zone busters under Bloomberg and how many infrastructure breaks did we have in the East Village, Lower East Side China Town -- way too many --- ditto city wide.

Could you imagine if you are not a developer, contractor, mega rich money manager especially Mike Blomberg's personal money manger but a regular person -- do you think the City of New York would forgive your debt? Would you be allowed to go about your business if you don't pay your parking tickets?

If the city can't police all the builds that Bloomberg and Amanda the socialite mega millionaire city planer, Amanda the peoples' Burden green lighted than they should not have given out all the free passes to break the laws, exploit the city and lives were lost not to mention developers, contractors and architects seem to be most above the law....