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Friday, June 4, 2010

Steve Rattner scandals didn't break before the mayoral election lucky Mike Bloobmerg
Steve Rattner along with John Sexton the president of NYU who is paid close to 2 million dollars and most of us can't imagine the luxury real estate digs and high powered friends that pull strings both pushed Mike Bloomberg to run for a third term and did their best to make sure Mike got in.

Lucky for these greedy ruthless guys Steve Rattner did not get busted for kick backs with pension fund scandals before the election....funny about the timing... isn't it.

These guys have denial running thru their veins not blood -- their ruthless dealings to keep Mike on the throne of City Hall with his mini-me Christine Quinn in place was essential for all kinds of wheelings and dealings.

For NYU having Mike flush democracy down the toilet and getting back in was key because NYU like Columbia University, Cooper Union have shady and massively crushing displacing real estate deals they need to complete and Bill Thompson would not have acted like he is the mayor of these Universities that use "higher ed" like a tax shelter with their goal to continue to massively displace the people of New York as well as bot out the sun and consume what is left of the our city for sky piercing concrete zone busters all in the name of higher greed not education.

Steve Rattner knows a lot about higher greed and not respecting limits which is why he like John Sexton urged Mike to run for a third term. John Sexton ran down to City Hall to testify that Mike must have a third term.

Even supposed village local papers supported Mike and his mini-me Christine Quinn and lucky for Mike Bloomberg the Steve Rattner scandals were exposed fully only after the election...

Timing is everything....isn't it?