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Sunday, June 20, 2010

E. Village intersection that DEP can't seem to fix Mike Bloomberg's hideous New New York


My opinion is Cooper Union's supersizing of their Studio building caused this medium size water main break that looked like the East River came to 2nd Avenue.

To be responsible the mayor would have had to insisted all old pipes would have had to be replaced and expansion pipes addressed before all these over the top builds began but greed and speed are important when you are exploiting the people and the neighborhoods and no way was NYU, Cooper Union and all these hotel and condo developers going to slow down for the safety of the neighborhood and that includes the illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU at 120 East 12th St. over St. Ann's Church.

Medium sized water main break right at this intersection that continues to be a mess and DOT wants to pave the street but the infrastructure problems are not resolves.

Sept. 6, 2008 the street busts open yet again.

(note in the above photo you can see the sky piercing mirrored building -- that is one of Cooper Union's shady zone busted builds. It was a parking lot that Cooper Union old but got permission from Amanda the people's Burden to supersize and than land lease the building -- from what I gather not many people want to pay high prices for a condo on land that is leased....I don't know -- you tell me.)

Here is the same intersection today -- Mike Bloomberg's streets of New York. Trying being a senior, handicap, a parent with a baby stroller, someone like me with bad knees trying to cross or even walk on the sidewalks. It is a huge mess.

DOT is attempting to pave over the streets but it is like someone getting liposuction and not changing their eating habits.

The infrastructure problems have to be addressed.

DOT will be back having to repair the streets they are now repaving.