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Saturday, June 19, 2010

The 9th Precinct officers stop 2 tattooed gentlemen

I don't know why they were stopped. The officers from the 9th put on their black gloves and appeared to do quite a bit of writing perhaps in their log books but I am not sure any tickets were actually issued. There were lots of people around and people were curious about why the NYPD suddenly pulled up and stopped these gentlemen.

It was peaceful and the guys walked off. I have written Commissioner Kelly repeatedly to ask that the NYPD be more forth coming with information regarding each precinct with postings directly on each precincts website so we can get the info directly from them.

In theory I could have walked up to the NYPD officers and asked them but I am not sure they would have answered me.

The 9th Precinct is now called the "Rape Precinct" and the precinct has major work to do if they are going to rehabilitate their awful reputation and that includes 2 female officers not related to the rape cops as well. My point is don't assume "problems' are purely male.

Internal Affairs did an excellent job gathering the evidence against the two officers that are responsible for the precinct being renamed the Rape Precinct. The "old" 9th Precinct was called the "//// house" by officers.

Looks like the 9th Precinct should rename themselves yet again, the "new" new 9th Precinct.

On a sad note: I have a short fictional 9-11 story that includes the 9th Precinct but it was written before the Precinct was renamed the rape precinct.