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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Retire, post office asks workers, The New York Daily News

My grandfather born on Ludlow St. that later moved to the Bronx in hope of a better life he did not find also worked for the post office as a mailman.  

The USPS sold the air rights over St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street.  The did not notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated to and the USPS felt they did not have to, just like blocking the fire hydrant in front of my now ex-building of 20 years, the USPS felt they were above the laws that are in place for the safety concerns placed there for regular citizens.

I do believe if the State of New York had been notified as they were suppose to be they could have come in and examined environmental concerns, infrastructure and is this air sale in the best interests of the community.

The USPS took the money and it ran.  I believe in time it will be very clear that it was not in the best interests of the community.

I do not get my mail delivered to my home anymore and that is yet another very disturbing story but it all adds up to why the post office can't compete and that is they have abused their "federal status" so much so they need to lose their federal status and in the case of the USPS it is time to privatize the USPS so they can a) be held accountable for their actions  b) have to compete.    If they don't they will continue with their downward spiral.

They are so many people that feel the way I do but they do not openly say it which is wise.  I had some very strange things happen.  I walked a friend who's husband was dying to the hospital and helped carry some things.   He did die and she sent me a note and it was returned to her because she didn't write my apt. on it.   (Having my mail returned to senders doesn't even make the 10 ten list of why I do not use the USPS or get mail delivered to my home.)

I email, hand deliver or use federal express as much as possible as do so many others.   I actually ask people not to mail anything to me if possible.   The USPS has to do more than caught costs.  They have to stop hiding behind their federal status and starting providing a competitive service that pleases the public and they don't which is why people use every other means possible other than the USPS.  They will not tell the USPS directly and I understand why but the message the public is indirectly delivering has been received by the USPS and that is why the USPS is looking to cut costs big time and continues to sales like the air space over St. Ann's which just further alienated the community.