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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The NYPD is getting a raise and a suggestion on raising the taxes on the new wave of mega wealth, new economy of wealth

Yo, I asked for raises for the NYPD and FDNY way back when in The New York Times but I would make one change in the letter -- please bother the mayor as much as possible.

I am so disgusted with mayor Bloomberg.

By the way -- we have more mega millionaires than every before in USA's history and billionaires for that matter and many of them have mega real estate here in NYC but declare any where else but here as their home...

It is like NYU using the words "not for profit" as they buy out the entire city and ditto for the no. 3 real estate magnate Columbia U. and also Cooper Union  -- enough is enough -- time for mega bucks that use this city as a playground and a playing field to come out from their tax shelters.  Yes all your donations are appreciated and you get your name in marble all over the city but again "enough is a enough".

How much would NYU, the no. 1 real estate magnate have to pay in real estate if they did not have their not for profit status?

No one is willing to do the math on the that but the city is in dire straits and we do need to give the NYPD and all our front line rescue workers better pay so here are a couple of suggestions.

There is a new wave of wealth...they are not millionaires but mega millionaires and billionaires and there are more than ever in city's history.

It is gross like seeing all the large empty houses in the hamptons....just gross.   

The mega wealth have powerful tax attorneys and lawyers but you know what -- they are doing too good a job, like NYU buying up the entire city.   Enough is enough.