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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I called Con Ed to get safety tips, what if you came across Jodi Lane, may she rest in peace

Dear Blog Readers:  I have been asking for quite a while what do you do if you came across someone like Jodi Lane...may she rest in peace.

1) call 911

than you next instinct would be to touch her, to pull her off what is shocking her and that could endanger you so 

2) in first aid training I learned as a massage therapist you have to put your safety first -- from my telephone call I learned after making the 9-11 call, if you wanted to help, the way to help someone or a dog if they are getting shocked is with a non-conductive material like wood, rubber or plastic.

Con Ed was polite...I even had an exchange of semantics -- where we agreed the no. 1 factor for bills going up is energy, I don't own a car but I understand that.   My theory is there are other factors such as Con Ed's law suits and I believe another factor is the rapid expansion of infrastructure.

These are my theories but I told the gentleman my no. 1 reason for calling is the safety of the people of New York.  He told me Con Ed puts safety first.

We agreed Jodi Lane's death was tragic.  He said it was very rare and I agree but I want New Yorkers to know how to protect themselves, how to save their dog with out getting hurt if their dog is getting shocked or how to save a fellow New Yorker with out getting shocked.

I had to identify myself, my blog and did I feel anxious, yes but getting this information and now emailing every newspaper makes me feel it was worth it.  I asked newspapers to contact Con Ed and report safety guidelines and I have never seen them published so I did it this morning.

Rest in Peace Jodi Lane, I thought of you today and your tragic death and I finally made the call and got the answer to my question.  I sent it to all the newspapers and to the police dept.