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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dear 9th Precinct: Please stop ticketing cars and start ticketing developers parking their supersized buildings on our delipidated infrastructure

Dear 9th Precinct: 

Please could you ticket and tow those large space ships parked on the Bowery?

Hey, I had to ask but really it sure feels criminal that developers are supersizing on our delipidated infrastructure.  How many man holes have exploded, sewage pipes, water pipes, gas leaks, etc. and do you think all the construction and supersizing contributed and more is to come.....?

I don't get it.  There is so much that goes on that feels criminal.

I can't stand when I see someone getting a park ticketed as long as they are not abusing parking big and bad but I wish the NYPD would target everyone involved in the way too rapid supersizing that I believe is endangering our safety....

I have to confess what the Economakis family has done -- their goal to rip a diverse group of community members that are loved by the community from the community because the harsh reality is they can't remain in the area if the Economakis achieve their greed dream and I confess it feels like very organized crime,  it feels criminal.   Also many believe it is all phony like a variation on phony demolition and they won't live there in the massive building all alone.

I just bought my first book and law.  It is very simple but the time has come to start reading on the vast topic.