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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Community speaks up about cowardly Granny beater robber

So glad the community held a press conference and took a strong stance.  This guy has to be caught.  The video is very readable and watching it on the tv instead of my computer I can see he is wearing his headphones, listening to his "music" as he chokes her and robs her.

The community leader that spoke up, I didn't catch his name but he communicated a strong message that needed to be said.

On other issues of unacceptable violence...the two women police officers -- their behavior according to reports I read is such an abuse of their position of power they should be booted off the force, bared from carrying weapons of any kind...etc.

So sick of all the violence.  It is amazing there are places to live where there is not so much violence and you can see why people leave.