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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ben Franklin aka Mrs. Silence Dogood

James Franklin, Ben's older brother was NOT about to give his baby brother, also his apprentice a chance to be published so Ben would submit pieces under the name Mrs. Silence Dogood, a middle aged widow.  Ben Franklin was 16 years old!

Through cunning Ben was able to got out of his apprenticeship but his brother had much bigger problems and that was his independent paper was so successful that the powers that be tried to demand that James run approval by them first before publishing.   They forbid James to publish the Courant.

Now a days we don't have to worry about this (uh huh)  because every newspaper, almost everyone is owned by big business people or groups beholden to advertisers like NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union and other real estate magnates and media moguls.

Yes, there are independent newspapers and voices via the internet and  way back when, James Franklin, Ben's older brother was one of the first independent papers I THINK... Don't quote me.