May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

NYC, not about higher education any more, it is about real estate

Hey NYU, can we see a map of all the property you own and lease in NYC?  Has anyone figured out even  an estimate of the taxes you would have to pay if you did not have your not for profit status, NYU, you community crushing empire.

Hey NYU can we see a map of all the property you own all over the globe?

Ditto, Columbia

Ditto, Cooper Union

I wonder if Columbia and Cooper Union are like NYU and owns lot of real estate elsewhere?

Jim Power's Filmore East, close up "Janis"

Yo, note the supermarket just past the bank that the purple reign of terror, the Evil Empire of the East Village wanted to evict.  I feel like NYU evicted me at least partially by torturing me with the tear down of St. Ann's and 7 day a week construction and late nights.  Still feel ill -- I have purple reign of terror-itis.  I feel ill when I see an NYU shirt or the ubiquitious purple flag.

  1. Anyway on to happy topics and that is this one of the most popular Jim Power mosaics and a homage to the Filmore East.   I am showing you a close up of the homage to Janis Joplin who I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Janis had supersized passion and you have to have supersized passsion,  speak up in the face of tsunami that feels like "very organized crime" and either has every law book protecting it or no one monitoring the builds.  How slick.   It was all done very fast, and so much it would take mega billions for the city of NY to monitor what what going done and up.
  2. Just glad to see Jim's community planter 9-11 memorial back in place after Cooper Union, NYU junior, did their nasty if they didn't have enough property to place the tribute of Honest Abe Lincoln and Peter Cooper.

Jim Power has to be one of the most hard working and prolific artists in NYC and most of his work was created under the harshest conditions living homeless with Jesse Jane, not the porn star but his emotional seeing eye dog.

He can really draw which poser artists cannot do.  Jim Power's mosiacs are one of the most photographed series of art works.  You can constantly see tourists stop and take photos!

We need to landmark protect Jim and Jesse Jane.

New Orleans evoke a lot of sadness

My brain can't absorb it all and of course it evokes the Hurricane  Katrina tragedy and I also think of Mayamar Burma and China -- and of course Sept 11 is coming up which was not an natural disaster but 9-11 stills is claiming victims, some are 9-11 heroes that died after the fact...again my brain feels to tired.

Rolls royce dealership comes to the Bowery! Humor, earthquakes & other thoughts on NYC's destruction

Yo, I am joking about the Rolls Royce dealership coming to the Bowery and besides it is a Bentley (or maybe it is a RR) convertible!!!   I am getting one solar power, electric and powered by body heat!!!!! Yowza!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was bicycling -- powered by body heat and I passed the sweet smell of green, an abandoned lot with immense luscious greenery and it felt like high powered air conditioning, the kind that blasts you when you walk past the hideous eye sore aka NYU's student center on Washington Square Park.  If they wanted to improve the park rather than move the fountain a few feet for millions of dollars how about removing the Bobst Library and the hideous ugly student center.

As I smelled the delicious green smell and felt the luscious coolness, I thought all this supersizing, this tsunami city wide has eaten up Mother Earth and it is  more concrete than ever.   I remembered feeling my sublet apt. no. 2 shake and it wasn't from sizzling hot sex but from a small earth quake...yep, a long time ago, circa 23? can't remember exactly but I feel we have jeopardized our safety in so many ways that it will bring massive infrastructure break or something calamitous in terms of coping with what every Mother Nature gives us far worse because of this greedy tsuanmi on an old infrastructure and recklessness eating up green, the kind we need desperately, Mother Earth green.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Beauty Prescription, a great read

I went to the library and I rented this book.  I am a nerd.  I LOVE libraries!  Go to the library, if you are not a member bring a piece of mail and take out some books and topics that fascinate you and even some that don't and try reading them.  If you don't like what you rented for free, you had a good work out carrying all those books back and forth.

The Beauty Perscription by Debra Luftman M.D. &  Eva Ritvo, M.D.
This book is a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You can feel beautiful instantly by just changing your headset.

me with one of my older half blind cats I adopted and LOVE !

I love these older cats I adopted and each has a serious funky left eye.   With so many people losing their homes due to the mortgage crisis there are even more pets that need rescuing so if you can adopt an animal.  235 East 9th Street Whiskers has beautiful cats in the window that need homes.    Doris Day's foundation, I understand why she has devoted to rescuing animals.

Naomi is a superstar nail artist at Hello Beautiful in Willy B (Williamsburg, Brooklyn)

Naomi is a Japanese artist and she can hand paint art on your finger and toe nails.   You do have to call in advance .  There are no vibrating chairs but the prices are very good and reasonable including Naomi hand painting unique art.  I bite my nails so the "canvas" was quite small but she painted beautiful hearts on my ring finger which have inspired me to give up that icky habit.  In the photo above Naomi is holding her portfolio of nail art and I took a close up of one of the glossy pages.

Naomi, weekends by appointment 718-387-4732
218 Bedford Avenue and don't forget to check out Brooklyn Foxes across the hall...very cool little shopping mall with a book store that reminds me of St. Marks Books when it was on St. Marks.

Brooklyn Foxes has the sexiest undies in NYC

Brooklyn Foxes, 218 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1211

Tee hee, look closely and you can see some sexy under wear but I love the store and this mystical magical much older dog that hangs out there.   Which reminds me, if you are a good loving person adopt an animal that needs a home!!!!!!!!!!

I also recommend walking over the Williamsburg Bridge to have a great cardio work out so you look good in your undies or for women that want to add art their body you can call a head and make an appointment to get your nails done across the way by Naomi who is a gifted Japanese artist that can hand paint designs on your nails.  I have been biting mine so I had her paint small hearts on my ring finger.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Water planes and helicopter - create a toll in the sky for Hamptons commute

Yo, as you know I am sick of all the ticketing for people just trying to have a life or a small business or making a delivery or trying to support a small business and it would be great if they could put a toll booth in the sky for all the water planes and helicopters that are busily affording mega rich people transportation.  So much for security concerns....oh I know, they pay so much money and it includes security blah blah but so do people just struggling to survive and if they can pay thousands to commute by water plane for a couple of days in the Hamptons time for a toll booth in the sky.

Critical Mass, my thoughts

I rarely agree with the editor of The New York "eminent domain" Times but the editoral a year ago? stating that Critical Mass and the NYPD was correct.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

lights, camera, reality

I saw a young officer (right now I am feeling 46) and he was not in uniform and he was sporting his bullet proof vest.  For me that is mind blowing to have a job where you may or may not be wearing protection from bullets that you may need.   I think of those 2 auxiliary police officers shot dead in the West Villager or the young handsome officer that walked up to the car and no bullet proof vest would have helped.   There is so much more that could be said on that topic.  He was almost in the category of too good looking  as if he was an actor on a tv show.

  Sometimes walking down the street in the city including Sept 11 it is hard to believe this is reality and not a film but it is reality.

ps There were no guns at this scene, just unruly teen but the visual of the bullet proof vest evoked how dangerous a job it is in a city where anything you can imagine can help and also plenty that you can't even imagine.

Jim Power's community planter 9-11 tribute to our Rescue Workers wins over the greed of Cooper Union the real estate magnate!

Peter Cooper's vision was to empower the poor but the school sold it's soul to be a real estate magnate and art students told me it is important The Science Building get torn down, supersized and leased for 99 years to pay for their education!   They didn't seem poor but Jim Power's made this living in the street under the harshest conditions when the rain was coming down in torrents at times living in a home made tent next to a dumpster.  At least a class of NYU students created the site but John Sexton and gang have yet to supersize their contribution to the community rather than crush communities and all the universities copy NYU including Cooper Union but say they are as not as bad as NYU.

Honest Abe and Peter Cooper would have objected to the greedy community crushing treatment as Cooper Union seems almost as bad as NYU, not as bad because they don't have as much real estate yet.    I am sure the real estate magnate, Cooper Union found another place for honest Abe Lincoln and Peter Cooper since they own so much real estate but Cooper Union picked the one  spot that involved kicking an homeless artist's   9-11 community memorial planter to the curb.   Talk about lack of grace as well as greed by a "not for profit" University or rather a massive real estate magnate throwing it's weight around as usual.

Congratulations to Jim and his emotional seeing eye dog Jesse Jane (not the porn star.)  NYU, Cooper Union, The New School, SVA and New York Law (a mega dorm with balaconies on 3rd Street) have confused the East Village with "dorm-ville" and they area all using their not for profit status to transform their new focus and priority which is real estate and use their "higher education" as a tax shelter to continue buying up and leasing as much of NYC as possible.  Mean while the city has a budgetary crisis and needs to cap "not for profit" real estate magnates massive buy up a city that has seen too much red.

Seeing Jim Power's community planter back in place feels like a small win, a mini-miracle in this tsunami of community crushing development that has been a radical make over take over thanks to our billionaire mayor and mega millionaire socialite city planner.

Click on the link below to see documentation of Jim with Jesse (she is napping in the background) on the street and the community 9-11 Memorial in progress.

type Jim Power into my blog search engine to read early postings

Wall Street and you can see the future of the Bowery

Fraunces Tavern, yes a small hole in the street unlike the garbage can size ones that can be find in the Bowery/East Village.   Wall Street has left a few token buildings with historical significance to remind us of old New York.  This is the future of the Bowery if the greedy soulless developers have their way.  

On the property of Goldman Sachs you will see these glass windows in the ground to show you historical architectual discoveries dating back a 100 or 200 years back. Maybe we will have that in the East Village, Bowery, West Village as well as the supersizing continues.

Nose ring on the side of Smithsonian American Indian Museum downtown

You would have to click on the image and look to the top upper left to see the gentleman with the nose ring.  I only had my iphone on me so no zoom capacity but it is there so go to just above Battery Park and check out the museum and the building. This building is a famous landmark so it is safe to say that it won't be torn down for an NYU dorm anytime soon...or at least for another decade or two.   Beautiful museum...

After donating blood, East Village don't read if you are a prude or have no sense of humor

When someone says hi to me there is a 80 percent I will return the hello which I did and than the dude who came up to my shoulder followed me for half a block talking some annoying gibberish at me until I shouted angrily, "I am married!"   I don't believe in telling lies but it was either this or pull out my uzzi machine gun and I was feeling a little too tired to do that.

I also stopped a couple -- you know the kind, so good looking it is obscene  and asked them to take a picture of me.  Note my arm is bandaged from donating my platelets.  I also think donating your platelets or white blood cells make your boobs bigger -- at least temporarily!

I told my Mom the NY blood center gave us t-shirts and they will mail us Met tickest and Mom asked Met Museum or Met Opera.  Neither, Mets the baseball team.

ps  My family had a major birthing event over my shoulder --- there -- Beth Israel but it did not include me -- story of my life.      I use to be able to see Beth Israel from my home 20 years ago until The New School built a mega dorm on 12th that blocked it.  Still transitioning and I still have not found my Grandmother's wedding ring and 2 gold rings each with a small stone but I pray they turn up hidden away somewhere in the stress and trauma of on going harassment.  I know there are shockingly stupid people that think only renters face harassment issues but anyway either I misplaced the rings, lost them or someone I trust stole them.  I still have not got all my "stuff pack" and unpacked if you can believe it and I long to move asap but that may be a couple of years down the road.

Donating platelets, just under an hour but took a lot longer because they were understaffed

You have a needle inserted and than blood goes out your arm in to a machine that is like a washing machine and the machine separates out your platelets and platelets look like the color of straw. I can only hope a good and appreciative person receives my blood or at least appreciative rather than a selfish person. There are two types of selfish people. One type knows they are and at least is honest. The worst are the type that kids themselves they are a good person and that they are not selfish.  You know those nasty crazy baddies that call you selfish as if calling you that alleviates some of their selfishness, same with narcissist calling you narcissist.   The New York Blood Center is very nice and generous (they insist on giving us Mets tickets)  and they say the levels are really low and I had plenty of company donating today meaning I was with like mindedhearted people.

You have to squeeze a ball to help push blood out and than rest as the machine returns the part of the blood it doesn't use and it takes around a hour maybe longer. They tape it to encourage zero movement of the needle. As I have told you, white blood cell donation is two hours with a needle in each arm and YOU CANNOT move your body which is hard for me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crain's, NYC people contracting AIDS 3x higher than National avg. + rezoning 125 St.

Please visit Crain's and read on....

New York Blood Center needs platelets 1800-933-blood

The New York Blood Center needs blood.  1800-933-Blood

The New York Blood Center called me again and they need platelets.  I am one of the New Yorkers that has "The Gallon Club" card.

I am too tired.  I did have a conversation once with a nurse expressing displeasure with the thought of spending an hour with a needle in my arm having blood taken in and out of my body and someone who was abusive or exploitive, some nasty empty head selfish creepy narcissist getting my blood....just upset me but the nurse said anyone who needs blood would be appreciative and I was comforted.

Rich people can give money and that is nice but giving the blood and even more so your platelets and even more so white blood cells which take 2 hours with 2 needles and blood and chemicals circulating through you to separate just your white blood cells is a pretty nice gift.

I feel so tired but I may give it a try.  If I leave NYC my arms will always have the memory of giving big time and if I go downtown to give my gift I am bringing bad boy calendars to keep me company.    I am just soooo tired, I just don't know but too think a good soul needs my platelets and I could help does push me to try.

ps  I did just call and I made an appointment tomorrow.  Because of the ridiculous on going stresses I don't feel confident I can pass the iron test but the woman I spoke to was a good soul and just speaking with her was a "feel good" so I am going to at least try.  They really really need blood.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

American Indian necklace from Common Ground to support Roland's store

My necklace it not an antique but it is a naja and blossoms that have spiritual significance and when I think of what I have gone through with the East Village -- East East Village it resonates in the present.

Roland did die and his nephew helped me pick out some items that spoke to my heart and I wanted to support Roland's store even though he took the Express to Heaven. I met him when he was on Greenwhich Ave. but had to move around the corner and finally here to 55 West 16th Street. Therewere times of crisis and turning to American Indian symbology in jewelry to wear with me was and is a great comfort. I have a ring that has the turtle, bear and more animal symbology that I adore and of course a lot of Buffalo images as well.

They had so me antique American Indian jewelry and some had the sign of the swastika backwards which symbolizes life.

I feel in love with a beautiful old ring that looks like a egg and of course I am thinking of fertility and rebirth but no symbology on the ring, actually don't know I said that, there is the sun, the sun is engraved in the ring twice... I fell in love with this optimistic old ring.

I also met a very cool American Indian gentleman, Cree tribe and I enjoyed speaking with him so much.

Rest in peace Roland.

I have some Navajo pieces so here is a link to their website.

Do the tax payers have to absorb the 2 billion dollar loss estimated by the USPS

I am told the answer is the tax payers do have to absorb the cost.

I disagree with the post master general John Potter blaming this year's poor economic climate.  People have learned not to go directly to the USPS to complain about problems -- gee, I wonder why -- could it be the USPS doesn't respond by improving customer service but has other ways of responding to customers that let us say inspire customers to use email, Federal Express and hand delivery.

Blame the USPS and not an economic downturn that doesn't seem to be hurting Federal Express.   Dear John Potter, Post Master General:  I have written to you before and now here is a question for you.  Do you think the fact you are losing 2 billion dollars is a red light that something is very wrong with the USPS?

I don't think I will get an answer.

Time to dismantle and archaic system that is no longer working and the first thing that has to go is their federal status.

Two words for why Federal Express is not feeling the economic downturn, "customer service".

USPS is at a lo$$, The New York Post page 2, Aug. 26, 2008, estimated 2 billion dollars in losses and I am not surprised at all

The New York Post reports the USPS might lose as much as 2 billion dollars this year....


Besides the illegal air sale over St. Ann's to NYU which may but the entire area in harms way because environmental and infrastructure concerns, the community's best interests were never examined because the State of NY was not notified as required by law and why because just like the USPS blocking the fire hydrant in front of my ex-home of 20 years --there attitude was "we are federal -- we are above the laws" , they would laugh and say let the NYPD ticket and tow us!

The USPS  laughed all the way to the bank (+along with  developers, NYU and the city-- I saw their lawyers who was so arrogant and confident they would win the community's law suit against the air sale)  on their multi-million dollar sale over St. Ann's and in my opinion they is a long list of what feels like abuse of federal status I could write but the loss in business speaks volumes.   

I try to avoid using the USPS as much as possible because it feels to me they abused their Federal status big time "close to home" and that would be an understatement.  I am not surprised they estimate to lose 2 billion dollars this year but I don't believe it has to do with poor economic climate but they fact they cannot compete with other services and they continue to alienate the public.  

Do the tax payers have to absorb the 2 billion dollars in losses?

Grieving family and friends bury mother and son, Angels among us, by Michael Daly, The NY Daily News

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has so greatly betrayed my vote and trust in him but he did speak eloquently and true at NYPD traffic agent Donnette Sanz and baby Sean Michael's funeral.

The heroic effort by the community is NYC at it's best.

The photos of this woman show a beauty and it is reported she was a very positive and optimistic soul which I admire most because I find elusive.  I see so much that feels like corruption at it's worst post 9-11 but this tragedy reminds me of 9-11 in the sense people pulled together in an Olympic way to rescue a mom and her son.

NYPD still looking for killer of Ebony Garcia, prime suspect her ex-boyfriend

Monday, August 25, 2008

Rapists rampage continue -- Queens

The stats have to reflect that women are targeted far more than men when it comes to violence which can start as verbal abuse to many different forms, the worse rape and murder.

I had to go to the police because I had concerns for my safety.  I think of Tina Negron may she rest in peace.  Girls and women just have to be extra careful and ask for people to walk with you as long as your are sure they are NOT going to try and take advantage of you as well. 
If you have any concerns for your safety, it doesn't have to be fear of rape, any concerns, reach out for help.

The link to New York one has descriptions of at least 2 rapists and there have been 14 reported rapes in Queens.

The NYPD is working to catch these rapists handing out drawing but of course the community has to keep their eyes on and if you have any info speak up.

Columbia U to buy entire condo building, and NYU ? looking at Brooklyn to buy continuing the convenient exploitation

Wow was this you think they had this planned out a head of time...? why, yes I do!

Gee, I wonder if the university looking to buy entire building of condos in Brooklyn to fully exploit the mayor's tsunami of community crushing development in every way possible could be NYC's the no. 1 real estate magnate NYU? After all,  NYU is the no. 1 predator looking everywhere to expand their campus we call the evil empire of the East Village since they mega dormed the area to death or the purple reign of terror. The mayor and Amanda Burden, socialite mega millionaire have put college kids student housing on the no. 1 priority list as evictions continue to rise and it is no surprise, after all these greedy developers rushed to supersize our historic neighborhood's city wide, the market is soft and 2 of the top three real estate owner just happen to be NYU and Columbia. They are lining up to buy entire buildings of condos -- too convenient and neatly packaged. The mayor and Amanda who act like the mayor of NYU and Columbia forgot to put bows on these condo deals like they did St. Ann's Church from 1847 at 120 East 12th Street. They should add college courses on the most shocking exploitation and destruction of NYC post 9-11 by NYU and Columbia University. Totally slick, exploitive and should be exposed but instead they will teach it as a "how to..." course...welcome to the New hideous New York, built on 'old' NY's infrastructure, mostly owned by NYU and Columbia U. exploiting our neighborhoods, communities and all hiding behind their "not for profit" status! Really slick stuff and it couldn't have been done with out the mayor and Amanda Burden.

had to return, spoke to an earth mother

Spoke to an earth mother about leaving and she said she left the city for 2 years but had to return.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

East Village, East East Village

I have throat burn and my stomach aches yet I am hungry.
It was great to see familiar faces, friendly faces but I also feel exhausted.  I would have been donating platelets but I let very selfish self absorbed people (that kid themselves they are not big nasty narcissists and that they are heroes) drain my energy so I just don't have the iron and energy I need to donate blood.   How ironic that the "new hideous New York is comprised of supersized mirrored buildings because the mirrors are the cheapest materials, soulless, cheap and perfect for self absorbed soulless wonders and believe they  can be found in every economic strata but it just seems the city is pushing "mirrors", a lot of smoke and mirrors.

Evictions continue to rise including small businesses that have no protection or rights as well.

The mortgage crisis hit people of all economic strata as well.  It is just too arrogant and stupid to think it could never happen to you or to condo owners or a house, etc.  Too selfish and too stupid to think you are the only one.  And it is not like Bear Stearns, there are no bail outs...

Yeah, I like that t-shirt about stupidity...

Be humble or you will tumble and that is true for all of us.   There are good rich people and good landlords.  There are also plenty that are not.  In any group you have your good and bad that is a no brainer.

I sent money to Hawaii to help a friend and helped out a long term very special person--artist, I admire even if he, they are nuts so I am feeling very drained.

I have always written my pieces and sent them to the newspapers and I will continue to do so.  Having an iphone makes it easy to see something, document it and email it asap to the newspapers and tv channels.

I have other ways to blog that involved audio which I am really interested in and I made this blog a while back when I thought I didn't have enough space on Suzannah B. Troy artist and for the over achievers or people that spend a few minutes to "think" you understand what this is about.

I know there are loyal "good vibe" readers so thank you for your interest in me, my thoughts and perspective.

I am here but I maybe working on other venues so enjoy these images and thoughts.

I am thinking of my Grandfather and his family on Ludlow St and how he left to move to the Bronx.   I am dealing with transitioning after 20 years in one place, a studio I owned and I didn't get it at an activist's price.  I bought it because I was tired of moving from sublet to sublet and buying seemed the smartest move.

I had to buy another property and quickly and my goal is to sell which is going to take me time and like my family leave.  If I had a surge in wealth I would buy a place here in NYC and have a place elsewhere.   I am not a developer/landlord with property here and Vermont, the Hamptons, etc.   

I miss friends that took the Express to Heaven way too young and the neighborhood I loved so much but I don't recognize it and the same with the faces.  There are a few magical people always remember me from way back.  Circa 20 years ago?, I even used to walk my friend's huge red doberman in Tompkins before he died and gave the dog away...very sad.

I feel life is short and I want major changes for the last chapters and that includes being around very positive uplifting people me included.

There have always been people speaking up before me and after me which is a comfort and there are the usuals that think they are getting away with what ever it is and they aren't.  I remember talking with a policeman and he and I talked about "dogs".  We agreed, "Every dog has his day" and sometimes "It is better to let sleeping dogs lie".    

Very tired so if nothing riles me too much I am taking a rest and directly writing the newspapers rather than blogging.

Thanks and gratitude to the real deal people that took/take a sincere and positive interest in me.
Suzannah B. Troy  

Suzannah B. Troy cat box from Russia, a gift

Whole Earth Bakery, Peter in the window, smiling despite the constant threat and stresses of eviction.

Wonderful NYC face, Peter's kind friend

Charlie Parker Festival Tompkins packed and peaceful, very good vibe

Harry and Hot Dog

Harry remembers Hot Dog when she a kid and she would wear paper hats.  She was so warm and kind today and sober.   Everyone knows her and feels compassion towards her.  She has been through a lot and survived.  You can feel her sweetness and beauty in this picture.

Jay caught off all his hair

Suzannah B. Troy, Tompkins, Charlie Parker Festival photo by Jay

karma flashbacks

feel a little better today but still have flashes of anger, still adjusting and part of me just wants to "adjust" out of NYC because it just feels like "too much corruption" and it feels like "very organized crime" with all the laws protecting the greedy, destructive forces and how appropriate the buildings are mirrored -- a narcissist's wet dreams.

I always laugh because the biggest narcissists are the one's that use that word to accuse people as if accusing someone else gives them a vacation of their ugly reality  of their sick obsession with themselves.   So put it this way they have a love hate relationship in an extreme way.

Welcome to the new hideous new york....the most radical make over take over....

9-11 was impossible to get my mind around but so is still --

Protest Monday night, Aug 25, 7PM

please visit Bob Arihoood's blog for more information

Protest Monday Night , 25 August , at 7 PM Against Claimed On-Going Harassment at the Home of "Slactivist" John Penley , 176 East 3rd Street ...

Feeling better today, not so much post traumatic stressing

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I am a naked person" posting part 2 artist book the page that reminds me of Tompkins

The artist is so funny showing us drawings of being naked for reasons that might involve magic, a visit to the doctors office, etc and he ponders the times when there is  the  "feel good" factor like skinny dipping! I agree!!!    He ultimately points out it is always best to be oneself which anyone who reads my blogging knows falls under the category of "naked".   Remember I called for transparency is city government from the mayor to the community board -- get naked!!!!!!!!!

"I am a naked person" an endearing hand made artist book I purchased

I use to sell my hand made artist's books at local book stores so it was a pleasure to buy an artist's book and "I am a naked person".

Just fully satisfying.  He is so funny.   I don't know his name because he didn't put his name on his art work but this page states, "It also feels good to sleep naked"
next page even more endearing.

Very sweet and one drawing reminds me of a crowded day in Tompkins Square Park where he writes "everyone is naked underneath clothes".

See posting above...

post traumatic stressing

NYU's mega destruction of St. Ann's NYU is the Evil Empire of the East Village, Purple Reign of Terror

I know everyone tells me, no, NYU is the Evil Empire period!   They tell me NYU destroyed the West Village, Chelsea, Stuy Town, down to the Seaport.  Yes, I hear you. NYU mega dormed the East Village to death.

Amanda Burden's high powered friends gave her her own spread in The NY Daily News saying she preserved the integrity of the East Village. 

The truth is she aided and abetted the tear down of St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street which survived everything from 1847 except for NYU's need and greed to build yet another mega dorm in the East Village.

The USPS decided that when it comes to fire hydrants and sales of air space for multi-millions that their federal status puts them above the law and the safety of New Yorkers.  Yes, the USPS never notified the State of New York that they were selling air space over a historical site as they were suppose and if they had the State would have examined is this in the best interest of the community, is the safety choice to approve the air sale because of all kinds of concerns including infrastructure and environmental.

I had a letter published in AM New York, Jan. 11, 2007  "Destroying 'old' New York" which expressed safety concerns for the community here and city wide because of this way too rapid tusnami of community crushing development and on 'old' New York's infrastructure.

* in my poem "Buy Town, Stuy Town, affordable housing oxymoron"  I cover the issues city wide as well including a conversation I had with Amanda Burden about 120 East 12th Street.
I have a copy on and in itunes store.

Tompkins Trivia Question

What do the homeless guys call the men's room at Tompkins Square Park?

hint: word play on "Little shop of horrors"

answer: Little //// house of horrors

Bottom line: The mens and womens bathrooms need to be torn down and new ones built!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email to Adrian Benepe but let us face it folks -- the dudes priority is big business wheelers and dealers -- wasting mega bucks moving a fountain a few feet at Washington Square Park for NYU's property value and tourism and Tompkins doesn't even rate on my list for poor parks thru out NYC that need money spent there....just sad stuff.
The mens and womens bathrooms at Tompkins Square Park need to be completely torn down and renovated asap and this is far more important than moving the fountain at Tompkins Square Park.

By the way, the homeless men have a name based on the bathrooms -- word play on "Little shop of horrors".

By building us new toilets that are safer, cleaner with tamper resistant soap dispensers you would be affording us basic human rights for basic human functions, cleanliness and safety.

Tompkins, beautiful flowers, Mike the gardener, Harry the administrator

Mayor, the sub zero trickle down, how about accountability and proof filming helps the community?

Mayor: re: too much filming tv/movies in the East Village with sub-zero trickle down and ditto anywhere in NYC--there has to be proof filming helps the community not harms it.Enough is enough and to add insult to injury you have the traffic division going ticket happy on St. Marks Place making it impossible to live, support small businesses or have one.Re: sub zero trickle down, the rise in evictions continues and if you are going to continue to allow excessive filming in NYC communities they have to help small businesses being evicted, hire poor people that need work because it is just getting worse for the people trying to survive here and film crews coming in here have to be made aware of the harsh realities and take part in helping the communities that at this point feels like they are exploiting. It is sub zero trickle down and time for proof and accountability that filming there is some how benefiting the community rather making it even more impossible to live here.

Friday, August 22, 2008

intent, I just starting reading some basics about law

I am stunned.  I always jokingly say, criminals, police and lawyers know the law but boy, I just read a couple of paragraphs and I am stunned.  I did not know about a little word called "intent" and I wish I had known that little word.  There is so much I do not know about the law but today I learned one word and I am very, very upset.

Understanding "intent" just a glimmer of understanding the word is empowering actually.

I am contacting John Jay to see if they will let me sit in on a class on criminal law.  I don't know if I can do that but that is how upset I am.  

The mayor's other NYC, the theory is the construction trucks to supersize as well as the construction do damage

Look to your far left and you get a glimpse of another sliver building that is supersizing an old street with the dance of the cranes and the belief is the construction trucks as well as the construction caused this damage to these old streets.

This is a common feeling city wide that our infrastructure and our safety is not first or even on the top ten list of the mayor but rather he and the city planner also a mega millionaire are pushing their mega bucks friends development first and that is the only priority.

I know from first hand conversations with the likes of Cooper Union that they do not believe their massive construction had anything to do with the medium size water main break that made it seem like the East River came to 2nd Avenue one block from there construction but the majority of us city wide feel too much, too fast and the huge trucks on old streets like this along with the supersizing of old New York cause more problems and again I can't bring my iphone in to the bowels of NYC to show you although more and more there is a rank smell in the streets of NYC that makes many of us think the sewage pipes have serious cracks in them from age, from construction, from massive construction trucks and subways as well...

Mayor Bloomberg's other New York that gets no press coverage

Dear Readers:  I can't take my iphone into the infrastructure that is delipidated despite the mega supersizing of the mayors and Amanda Burden, mega millionaire socialite city planner aid and abett to build and at hyper speed with no concerns for old sewage, old water pipes, Con Ed's struggles to keep up with expansion, the roads which are in terrible shape, fire hydrants missing caps that are used as garbage cans, sidewalks that are in bad shape just like the streets but I can show you the subway where the pipes and the walls are rusting and again no account is taken for how severely crowded these subways are as they allow supersizing with in blocks because the focus is on the very rich developers and our safety is last.

Ticket happy please be careful, she ain't from the local precinct

I am not sure this is the same woman I saw the other day if so look out.  She is not from our local precinct and she is working St. Marks like she has a quota to meet and she is "ticket happy".

I think this is so very wrong and again people struggling to survive, have a business, support a small business get crushed.

More and more it seems like there are two New Yorks and I feel like I may have to lead a life of infamy -- dirty filthy skanky sell your soul and other body parts to afford to live in NYC, have a country home, a posse of high price attorneys to kick some major butt, body guards and be able to laugh off tickets that are not laughable.

Just out of control and here is yet another unpleasant image of people being gauged.   I don't even own a car.  I was watching a "retired" or off duty police officer, he had his placard in the car he was driving a young rich man around in and I swear that is the way to go.

I just am so burnt out like a 5 alarm fire on this city but for the last 25 years this is all I know.  I rarely if ever left the city and now I just can't take it anymore.

St. George's reflected in Cooper Union's horrifyingly ugly aquarium

Click on the image to see the reflection and the windows have historical and religious significance and the horror of this building that belongs in a hollywood studio and not the East Village-- Bowery is obscuring the glass windows and the building.    It is like an concrete aquarium from Mars landed here, next to the other supersized space ship aka Cooper Square Hotel and again 9th Precinct how about ticketing and towing supersized spaceships that are parked on  the Bowery?

Also please note I take these on my iphone and if you view my images and than run over and copy them with your fancy technology a "thank you and a mention" is appreciated.  I reference people's photos I don't even like but it is a matter of recognizing their work so please stop robbing my blog and or copying my photos with your bigger better cameras and tech without the nod.  Thank you.

who needs video cameras???

I was sitting down reading at home, the part  I call my little green space (I can dream can't I?),  and I looked up and thought, hmmmm, the person across the street has an interesting sculpture, oddly placed on their air conditioning unit.  The sculpture that was sitting there unmoving, it turned out -- I figured this out the next day -- 
was um, my neighbor, who I waved to and my neighbor's response was to recede in to the dark background.

Mariah Carey has a song about video taping as in she wanted to get down with out ending up on youtube.

I know I am a wild artist with this odd conservative streak.  I am one of the few artists that is glad we have video in public places because video cameras catch criminal behavior.  I had a situation so disturbing I could only wish I had video and audio.

When it comes to bathrooms, dressing rooms and bedrooms I am against video taping but for fighting crime video is a good thing.

Some people don't even bother with video camera and in NYC high volumes of telescopes and binoculars are sold I am told although I hear it is not for looking up in to the stars.

I am also perplexed by men that constantly when you give them every indication other than hiring the Good Year Plimp that you have no interest in them.  There is the "I won't acknowledge you silent approach" to the "Leave me alone" approach but the fact the message of no interest is not getting across is disturbing.  

Mayor donates blood, their is a shortage, there pretty much always is in NYC

Nice  photo op Mike.    After  having the life force sucked out of me I am just too tired to donate blood which I have been doing regularly for years here in NYC.

Mike platelets take about an hour so I am guessing you did whole blood and I am guessing you didn't take Amanda Burden with you to donate.

I always use to joke I am the only one in the East Village who's arms are sore from donating my blood.  

When I am sure I am not going to have late in life babies I will donate the rest of my white blood cells which is 2 hour process (each time and you can only do it 12 times) with a needle in each arm but once I am dead no more donations.  No donating body parts after I am dead.  Enough is a enough.

NYPD transit booth station, what would Jack Maple do?

Yo, Jack Maple would take action to modernize this outdated little booth for transit police.  I am glad to see them because I feel safer knowing they are there.

A friend pointed out their phones are the kind we had as teenagers.  We are in our mid-forties to give you a clue so I thought of Jack Maple and I decided to go over to Bloomberg New's and make a citizen's arrest on some of the mayor's telephones and technology to update the NYPD transit booth.

I voted for this mayor because I thought he would bring us further in to the future but what he has done is set up back years despite fancy smoke and mirrors.   I have never seen the subways and streets in such bad shape.  The small businesses that gave the city character and the characters are being pushed out in all kinds of new and creative ways.

Just disgusted today with Bloomberg's sky piercing way too rapid tsunami on a crumbling old New York.  Two New Yorks and one is falling a part.

Washington Square Parks "unnecessary wasteful improvements" for NYU's real estate value and tourism as the poor parks crumble in so many ways

Side of the Flat Iron building

This is with my iphone but if you click on the picture you can pick up the holes in the rusted pipes and the decay.  Please click on this image.... Just to give you peek at "old New York" under the side walks.

hideous and has nothing to do with the West Village

Really can why have drug testing for architects and what developers are doing feelings like very organized crime...just an artist's opinion.

for Fireman Bobby Beddia

I called up the city of New York anonymously although we all know it is not anonymous and I told them this fire hydrant is literally laying on it's side and the hoses exposed.  I said enough firemen have died and I don't want anymore casualities and I express great dissapointment in the mayor.

Take a look any fire hydrant and the majority are missing their caps and are used as garbage cans.  I called in on the anniversary of their death which should never have happen.  To the city 's credit they did actually follow through this time and now I feel confident if fire fighters need to fight a fire and they need this hydrant, their already dangerous job won't be that much more dangerous.

Still sickening all the reasons they died including people's cigerettes I heard, radio's that didn't work just like 9-11 and so many other reasons.  When I first heard the news about the standpipe I came home to my home of 20 years and there was a man that was told to stop bothering me sitting on the standpipe.

Just feel sick today and disgusted but I fully expected to see the fire hydrant laying on the ground like a dead body but the city of New York followed through.  Thank you City of New York.

East Village 'power' Hippies beat Bloomy by 32 years, The New York Post, Jeremy Olshan and Marcie Young

Travis Price and the people that worked with him to achieve this goal are true East Village heroes and Mother Earth's too.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


If there is a biography written about me, I hope it is after I am dead and this past chapter of my life -- well I can't wait for that part of the story to be told.

Besides all the wrinkles on my face which I am digging what emotions--- what do expression do you think is on my face?

I am reading about law but for now I believe that justice works in mysterious ways and patience is key.   I love NYC like a crazy lover -- what is great is outstanding and what is terrible is too awful to even fully grasp.   

I know the closer you get to the death the less you care about all of this, it is all meaningless.  Every culture, religion globally has the belief in karma, what goes around comes around, etc.

Just focus on the good and everything positive and ignore the rest.

The NYPD is getting a raise and a suggestion on raising the taxes on the new wave of mega wealth, new economy of wealth

Yo, I asked for raises for the NYPD and FDNY way back when in The New York Times but I would make one change in the letter -- please bother the mayor as much as possible.

I am so disgusted with mayor Bloomberg.

By the way -- we have more mega millionaires than every before in USA's history and billionaires for that matter and many of them have mega real estate here in NYC but declare any where else but here as their home...

It is like NYU using the words "not for profit" as they buy out the entire city and ditto for the no. 3 real estate magnate Columbia U. and also Cooper Union  -- enough is enough -- time for mega bucks that use this city as a playground and a playing field to come out from their tax shelters.  Yes all your donations are appreciated and you get your name in marble all over the city but again "enough is a enough".

How much would NYU, the no. 1 real estate magnate have to pay in real estate if they did not have their not for profit status?

No one is willing to do the math on the that but the city is in dire straits and we do need to give the NYPD and all our front line rescue workers better pay so here are a couple of suggestions.

There is a new wave of wealth...they are not millionaires but mega millionaires and billionaires and there are more than ever in city's history.

It is gross like seeing all the large empty houses in the hamptons....just gross.   

The mega wealth have powerful tax attorneys and lawyers but you know what -- they are doing too good a job, like NYU buying up the entire city.   Enough is enough.

NYPD detective that recognized the career criminal deserves A HUGE PROMOTION!!!!!

Yo, just saw on the news a detective recognized the cowardly creep that preyed on elderly people.
Give that Det. a raise!!!!!!!!!!

Dear 9th Precinct: Please stop ticketing cars and start ticketing developers parking their supersized buildings on our delipidated infrastructure

Dear 9th Precinct: 

Please could you ticket and tow those large space ships parked on the Bowery?

Hey, I had to ask but really it sure feels criminal that developers are supersizing on our delipidated infrastructure.  How many man holes have exploded, sewage pipes, water pipes, gas leaks, etc. and do you think all the construction and supersizing contributed and more is to come.....?

I don't get it.  There is so much that goes on that feels criminal.

I can't stand when I see someone getting a park ticketed as long as they are not abusing parking big and bad but I wish the NYPD would target everyone involved in the way too rapid supersizing that I believe is endangering our safety....

I have to confess what the Economakis family has done -- their goal to rip a diverse group of community members that are loved by the community from the community because the harsh reality is they can't remain in the area if the Economakis achieve their greed dream and I confess it feels like very organized crime,  it feels criminal.   Also many believe it is all phony like a variation on phony demolition and they won't live there in the massive building all alone.

I just bought my first book and law.  It is very simple but the time has come to start reading on the vast topic.   

Save "Mosaic Man"

Look carefully and note the cane Jim is leaning on. It is easy not to recognize he needs major hip surgery. He is legally blind and Jesse Jane not the porn star but his "emotional seeing eye dog" and he have lived in the worst conditions possible on the street and Jim has never stopped high level production of art.  He is the real deal, an authentic artist.  

He has an amazing gift to teach children.  I witnessed him work with a severely handicapped girl that he managed to empower by having her push a piece of mosaic in to a light post art with her foot.  I have a photo on my

Jim needs help and you can be his patron by going to and donate money which is tax deductible.

Mayor is in denial

The mayor says you have to be open to everything. The last billionaire that said that to me is behind bars!

Hmmm, do you think the city council will vote to allow him to serve another term?

YES!!!!! The city council voted themselves a raise when our NYPD's starting salary was lowered.

The mayor just like NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union actually believe their own phony high paid public relations team!

Rape on St. Marks Place, East Village place please call 1-800-577-tips

Please click on this image.  If you recognize this creep and or have any information PLEASE CALL 1800-577-TIPS

Mayor Bloomberg's wind problem like a pleasant smelling candle hiding the stink caused by way too rapid expansion

Mayor Bloomberg wants to make this the windy city literally and I am pro alternative energy sources from solar to wind, bring it on but when the mayor talks green just like NYU, it is all talk and public relations.

Our Con Ed bills are a shock and it isn't just the price of fuel but the huge -- massive infrastructure expansion and law suits is my theory --we are all paying for the above for supesized infrastructure for NYU's, Columbia U., Cooper Union, sky piercing condos and hotels  so thanks for trying to conserve some energy and help "green" NY mayor but it just seems like your a passing wind like lighting a pleasant smelling candle, as if it is pleasant idea that really covering the smell of something that stinks -- the people of the city getting shafted yet again with higher Con Ed bills to pay for the supersizing tsunami of this new hideous New York.   The higher Con Ed bills are just another push out.   The people of this great city have been shafted by this tsunami of development by the continued push out I renamed supersification because gentrification doesn't cut it any more.
The people of this city are shafted because of huge safety concerns from way too rapid expansion on an old infrastructure and that includes the subways but just look at the streets and where they did repair work a year ago -- they streets have already buckled.

The mayor pushed this tsunami of supersized community crushed development on NYC's delipidated infrastructure.   Hey when have you seen the subways and city streets look so bad?  When it rains it flood and that is because every piece of green that could be preserved for the community the mayor pushes in to the hands of developers and worse he and Amanda Burden aid and abet developers to supersize like the tear down of St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street for a mega dorm NYU hopes to cram 700-900 students and how green is that for the people of this city but not with more students using the surrounding parks?

Walk by NYU's student hideous ugly student center on the south side of Washington Square Park and feel the cold blast of air conditioning or watch the fleet of empty buses and trolleys and ask the mayor how was his subway ride to work and how much gas did the your cars wasted driving downtown to meet you if you did actually take a subway in a lot of lip service and public relations...lip service, gas problems and wind...

Alleged granny mugger caught because NYPD and community work together

The community and the NYPD worked together and this alleged cowardly creep that attacks elderly people is busted.  I noted he wears headphones and listens to music as he mugs elderly people a quarter of his body size.  What music was he listening to?  I am sure some body will have a game out next month of music to mug elderly people by.    Just disgusted with the high threshold of violence, the lack of peace on the streets and the creeps that want to exploit it all the way to the bank with violent music and video games like it is all a big joke.

He deserves the kind of justice they serve in prison by fellow inmates.

Deutsche Bank toxic waste dump death trap too many ways to count

I can still see Bobby driving the fire truck.  He was so handsome and to talk with him and laugh was even better than his looks.  He was intelligent, funny, compassionate and passionate about fighting fires so much so when the fire bell rung he sprang in to action like a 20 year old gold medalist.  No surprise he was on the scene and there for fellow firefighter Joseph Graffagino.

My heart goes out to their families.

If NYU wanted a mega dorm there, that bank would have been torn down faster than you can say "St. Ann'" but NYC couldn't seem to put the pressure on the powers to be to get that toxic waste dump taken down and still it stands.

Bobby and Joseph should be added to the 9-11 memorial along with other first responders that were taken from us in what feels like a slow motion grab from that horrible day.

See my other postings on this on this site.  Type in Bobby Beddia or Betrayal at Ground Zero

Retire, post office asks workers, The New York Daily News

My grandfather born on Ludlow St. that later moved to the Bronx in hope of a better life he did not find also worked for the post office as a mailman.  

The USPS sold the air rights over St. Ann's at 120 East 12th Street.  The did not notify the State of New York as they were legally obligated to and the USPS felt they did not have to, just like blocking the fire hydrant in front of my now ex-building of 20 years, the USPS felt they were above the laws that are in place for the safety concerns placed there for regular citizens.

I do believe if the State of New York had been notified as they were suppose to be they could have come in and examined environmental concerns, infrastructure and is this air sale in the best interests of the community.

The USPS took the money and it ran.  I believe in time it will be very clear that it was not in the best interests of the community.

I do not get my mail delivered to my home anymore and that is yet another very disturbing story but it all adds up to why the post office can't compete and that is they have abused their "federal status" so much so they need to lose their federal status and in the case of the USPS it is time to privatize the USPS so they can a) be held accountable for their actions  b) have to compete.    If they don't they will continue with their downward spiral.

They are so many people that feel the way I do but they do not openly say it which is wise.  I had some very strange things happen.  I walked a friend who's husband was dying to the hospital and helped carry some things.   He did die and she sent me a note and it was returned to her because she didn't write my apt. on it.   (Having my mail returned to senders doesn't even make the 10 ten list of why I do not use the USPS or get mail delivered to my home.)

I email, hand deliver or use federal express as much as possible as do so many others.   I actually ask people not to mail anything to me if possible.   The USPS has to do more than caught costs.  They have to stop hiding behind their federal status and starting providing a competitive service that pleases the public and they don't which is why people use every other means possible other than the USPS.  They will not tell the USPS directly and I understand why but the message the public is indirectly delivering has been received by the USPS and that is why the USPS is looking to cut costs big time and continues to sales like the air space over St. Ann's which just further alienated the community.

Susan Sarandon Tim Robbins 3.5 million in hideous 1 madison ave

Found this on and in todays The New York Post

Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon reportedly buy a unit listed at $3.5M in One Madison Park, which is under construction in Manhattan

Husband-and-wife actors Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon reportedly have signed a contract to purchase a more than 2,000-square-foot unit that is listed at $3,500,000 at One Madison Park, a building in Manhattan that is expected to be completed in late 2008.

I can't imagine having that kind of money but if I did I wouldn't buy in this hideous supersized monstrousity that has to weigh heavy on NYC's old delipidated infrastructure, subways included of course which are half a block away.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Suzannah B. Troy and "I am listening" art work

I am 46 and a month old.  My joints feel 190 years old  and other parts feel like a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Despite the tusanmi of community crushing development, heartbreaking news and reminders today has beautiful moments despite all the frustration and upset...beautiful.