May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The NY Times Schills Christine Quinn’s book hoping Gay People will be blind deaf and dump to her corrupt dealings

Let us see if Suzannah B. Troy can get past The New York Times censors or if The NYT is going to violate her 1st amendment right yet again they way the newspaper did the night Christine Quinn helped push through an illegal third term and the comment included the words “slush money”. For under achievers -- slush money is tax payer money and Bloomberg and Quinn abused it to push through an illegal third term denying the People of NYC a referendum.

Here is the comment posted at 5:00PM Let’s see if the NYT violates my 1st amendment right or holds my comment hostage for 24 hours....

Is Christine Quinn going to include how she sold the lie we needed Bloomberg for a 3rd term to help us with the economy & he and Quinn only helped their pals. To see the short list look who has contributed to Christine Quinn’s mayoral run. Is Mike’s mini-me going to include the fact she brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime brought by Tish James? Here is the YouTube of Norman Siegel calling for an investigation in to how Quinn locked out her own district from testifying in front of City Council who’s presence was also lacking. Quinn’s own district wants a full service trauma level 1 hospital, not Rudin luxury condos. Quinn could have pushed for protective zoning for a hospital but she didn’t . She could have pressured Cy Vance to prosecute the St. Vincent’s crook perhaps because she doesn’t want to bring attention to the Rudin acquistion of St. Vincent’s considering all the campaign donations Team Rudin has made.

How can Quinn explain she allowed a Rape Counseling center close & no AIDS care on 12th St. now St. Vincent’s closed. NYT acts like they have already endorsed Quinn forgot to report Quinn’s own district outrage out her treatment of them, not even showing up the morning they turned in to testify & were locked out. Using the gay card is not a get out of jail free card or an out for being held accountable!

911 Tech System 165 Million $ exposed Frauded Closer to Billion + by Suzannah B. Troy

Tip of the Iceberg folks on the 911 tech system......ditto for CityTime where we still have not gotten to the truth a far bigger tax payer abuse and fraud so stay tuned....

Finally a small part of 2 billion dollar fraud and lied ECTP 911 Tech System is coming out. By the way how much have we paid Gartner and other consultants all these years as we were over billed, frauded and lied to about all these mega tech contracts. Where were the auditors before John Liu? Why is Mark Page silent. How did City Council let this go on and on Christine Quinn? Some great biz man Mike is!!! He would be poverty level and homeless is he ran his private empire thus way.

Good Job John Liu but keep going where did 2 billion dollars tax payer money go? Bloomberg's new DOITT puppet already selling Joel Bondy styled response or lied u pick -- where did all the money go in all these Bloomberg Tech Tax Payer Titanics? ECTP 911 keep digging. Get our money back plus damages.

FYI: I made 2 YouTube channels for local 375 DC37 one is called Bloombergticeberg

I urge you to look at John Liu’s first two press releases on ECTP -- the first is called CityTime 2 so google John Liu CityTime 2 press release.

CityTime rewind Joel Bondy Lied in front of City Council now we have Raul merchant doitt head same thing 50 Million a year for tech consultants ok made a new youtube pointing out Raul Merchant lies like a rug a bloomberg puppet -- it is like Joel Bondy testifying under oath in front of City Council and Tish James yet again and guess what Joel Bondy lied and no one has punished him. Not one arrest NYC gov officials.

Welcome to Bloomberg’s house of Lies City Hall -- a series of tax payer Titanics too big too ignore!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Forbes Earning Preview SAIC Cloudy CityTime Fall-out?

Forbes Earning Preview SAIC Cloudy CityTime Fall-out?

Saic forbes predict they will slump further for earnings call.

From the street we say history needs to be made -- US Attorney Preet Bharara redo the indictment. This company in my artistic opinion is corrupt and one half billion does not get a out of jail free card for SAIC with Gerald Denault as the ultimate scape goat when the Richard Valcich letter says other wise.

Folks my reading of only part of the Richard Valcich whistle blowing letter has over 1,000 hits and FYI
Bill Thompson’s name as well as Mike Bloomberg’s is on the bottom of every page.

Tell me why did the head of Department of Investigation leave shortly there after and why did Rose Gill Hearn do nothing!!!!!!

Click on the link above for more links including to Richard Valcich’s letter who for some reason is now very quiet! Hmmmmm. From Hero to nothing to say!

In front of SAIC’s offices --- my first time trying to speak and holding a mega-phone but I am the only one to say 500,000 million back is too low a figure. I want a billion x 3 RICO for The People of New York! I was the only speaker to say so. June 5 noon steps of City Hall we join up again and now the Unions lead by Local 375 DC37 will demand more money back!

I had researched SAIC before I attended a meeting I was invited to by someone from Local 375 DC37 and I went home and made this YouTube.
Again I was the only one to say No Renewal with SAIC! Instead we need a full investigation!

Since than SAIC is banned from doing any biz here in NY with the State and City.


Thank you.

See you at City Hall June 5th at noon and we want a lot more money back.

I want more than a billion back on ECTP the 911 Tech system, and how about FDNY wireless, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, NICE, Seedco, etc.

No arrests of NYC gov officials and no auditors held accountable on either side of the contract dealings.

Shouldn’t we be suing SAIC’s auditors as well which I believe is Deloitte?

Ditto for the other deals where so far we have zero accountability.

Under Bloomberg zero arrests of the people that should be arrested and way too many false arrests of people that are innocent.

How ironic Mike Bloomberg with multi-Watergates, a mayor who should have been forced out along with his puppet Christine Quinn who pushed through an illegal third term and brushed aside 2 investigations in to CityTime and discouraged a third aren’t serving a term in jail. Mike just got busted for illegally using a heliport chronically breaking curfew for 6 months and when he is confronted by ABC news he lies and says he is not doing anything wrong. So City Hall.

What does Mark Page have to say? Can we get a full re-imbursement for Howie Wolfson and other robbers salaries -- campaign staffers the tax payers are forced to pay their 6 figure salary.

If Mike Bloomberg ran his private business the way he has run NYC gov with billions in over rides and mostly tech contracts Mike would be homeless along with his daughters and ex-wife. He wouldn’t be on the Forbes list.

Amazing Forbes gives SAIC a low rating with all of SAIC’s help from very special very connected friends getting them awards and a 2 billion dollar contract with the Pentagon I call a bail-out to prevent an Enron ending.

I want a record amount of billions of dollars back for the People of NYC and I don’t want City Council or Scott Stringer all with Marie Antoinette complex’s to get their hands on it -- and their friends, relatives, boyfriends and girlfriends -- I want the money to get to the People of NYC, our children, the homeless, re-open Fire Houses closed after 9-11, hire more NYPD, re-open schools and make them better, pre-school care, and more and more so the People actually feel the difference.

Right now the quality of life has dropped and many New Yorkers live some where between a recession and a depression except for Christine Quinn and her pals, Mike Bloomberg and his pals and their kids, ditto Amanda the People’s Burden, etc.

Please do not forget Rudy Giuiani and pals profited.... Peter Powers and other men that were Rudy’s deputy mayors plus an guy that was a lawyer for Rudy on the NY Pensions than became a 2nd in command DOITT. Look to Doitt guys turned lobbyists or went to work for Defense contractors and Deutsche the math..... Even what’s her name (Liz Holzman) is a lobbyist for SAIC as the People got robbed and raped largest white collar crimes ever and ECTP as well look at the lobbyists -- see the names of lobbyist companies working on CityTime and ECTP and you will see familiar names and DOITT names.

by the way what has happen to Sal Salomone?

Christine Quinn St. Vincent's Rudin Protest Cuomo

Monday, May 28, 2012

FDNY Fire House East Village Memorial Day

Roxie Sorina Memory Honored Union Square Park Where She Was Killed Hit and Run

Note: The NYPD I believe are still looking for the driver of the dump truck that hit and killed her.

Tompkins Howl Plaque Harry Greenberg Friday

Finally after mystery, mayhem and confusion Howl's wish to honor Harry Greenberg our favorite parks dept manager comes true this Friday. Rumor had it Harry would have to be bumped off -- dead to get this honor but miracles do happen. In a city where New Yorkers complain a lot Harry can't enough praise and love from Howl. Do u think he resembles Alan Ginsberg or something? Check out the ping pong table also dedicated to Harry!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fred Bisci Nutritional Guru 82 Years Young photo by Suzannah B. Troy

Juice Press East Village

St. Marks Book Store Still Struggling OWS bags + T’s for sale

I bought a risque non-fiction touches on a dark aspect NYC life.

East Village infrastructure wound years won’t heal

5 years ago this looked like the East River had come to 2nd Avenue.

Here is the latest proof.

Since than this area has re-opened over and over like a wound that won’t heal and I have the photos and years of blog posts and YouTube series documenting this.

Throughout NYC except on Mike Bloomberg’s block the streets of New York are in the worst condition possible and Mike did not inherit the City in such awful condition.

Yes the infrastructure underneath old but Mike Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of infrastructure on OLD NY’s infrastructure and the city streets and side walks are a mess.

The expansion also have not been addressed in the subway stations which often are leaking.....there a large crowds of people left standing after trains come and go because there is no room, there is pushing and shoving to get on the trains packed like sardines which is a natural impulse and crowded stairways that were built way too long ago to accomodate the reckless expansion Bloomberg continues to green light.

Hint -- NYU the evil empire and crushes of communities East Village, West, Chelsea to South St. Seaport.....

The video footage you see above is one block from Cooper Union’s hideous larger studio that I believe is responsible in large part for the water main break above since their construction and heavy trucks work assaulting that very street with their corrupt tear down of a beautiful building.

Note I caught Cooper Union having a press conference and they made the mistake of doing it in a public space where I happen to walk by so I told the press their public relations person is lying and we hate what Cooper Union is doing to the community.

The public relations woman denied the infrastructure break video taped above was related in anyway to their build. Yeah right.

Columbia U. , Ratner Development, Willets Point, etc. etc etc really too many sky piercing condos and luxury hotels. illegal builds by Cooper Union NYU and so many others but see how the street conditions are and Trumps zone buster where a construction worker died also had a decent water main break which happened to be by the Holland Tunnel.

Welcome to Mike Bloomberg’s hideous NY where the corrupt real estate billionaires and real estate magnates posing as higher education are putting greed before the safety and well being of New Yorkers and our infrastructure building way to rapidly to be monitored by Dept of Building who in my opinion is a failure and how dead bodies and injuries have we had under Mike Bloomberg’s DOB?

What about Dept of Enviromental Protection DEP? They failed us to and they play a major role in the problems of why certain sections of streets in NYC and the East Village keep re-opening up like a bad wound with water main pipes busting, sewage, gas leaks and man hole covers exploding.....

again a record number under Mike Bloomberg.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Karen Selling her Joe DiMaggio Pin!

She will be back out next Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Michael Bloomberg New York City’s Polluter-and-Chief

Do I call Cy Vance’s Public Integrity Hotline again and report Mike? Remember I also reported Christine Quinn the first day the lines were opened!

Our little tin pot dictator, the little emperor, mister ticket the “little People” up to their eyeballs, the nanny mayor is above the law just like the Term Limits deal ordeal where Mike decided not to break the law but change the law to suit his greed.

Reminder Christine Quinn sold the lie we needed Mike for a third term to help us with the economy.

Watch the link above and watch when Mike is confronted he um er the great leader that he is --- pulls a Steve Rattner and lies -- oops Steve Rattner pay to play money manager NY Pensions did not lie he pleaded the 5th 64 times. Mike blatantly lies to the newscaster from ABC daringly confronting him.

Nice to see someone other than me confront Mike and gang.

Well Mike the liar came clean at least on this issue -- not term limits, CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, his back room deals with Murdoch and Joel Klein, NYU, Columbia U, Bill Rudin, Ratner Bruce not Steve, speaking of Steve Rattner Mike won’t discuss Cayman Islands but Mike admitted yesterday he did in fact

BREAK THE RULES for the last 6th months. As an angry female police officer told me at the 1st Precinct “the law is the law”. Personally I find that perplexing as I see NYPD officers drive through red lights for no apparent reason and do some creative parking but no NYPD officer has ticketed Mike Bloomberg who during his emperorship has set a record ticketing the little people although he recently had one newspaper attempt to sell the lie it was not true -- at least this time....LIES again!

Mike has been using that heliport illegally for 6 months so the next time an NYPD officer attempts to give you a ticket you tell them Mike Bloomberg has declared a 6 month NO TICKETS For the Little People because our Emperor NYC’s Polluter-and-Chief broke the law and curfew FOR 6 months. Can we bill him or fine him?

It would be hard to decide who are the biggest phony “green liars”....for me it is a tough call between NYU represented by John Sexton who claims they are green but NYU continue to blot out the sun and rip-out trees so necessary for the environment and like the People have lived here alway but are inconvenient for NYU’s greed but Mike Bloomberg our NYC Polluter-and-Chief’s arrogance and deceit may put him in first place!

Don’t you just love big phony “green” people who fly around in jet planes, helicopters, etc but lie and say they are green. The are green with money, greed and stupidity.

Reminds me of The NY Times phony puff piece, yet another on Amanda the People’s Burden and all the comments pretty much slam her and The NY Times..

So sick of the lies and the Oligarchs of New York above the law including City Council -- mini-oligarch wannabes.

(Note for scary morons reading my blog -- I am joking about no tickets for 6 months -- the NYPD will continue to ticket folks up to their eyeballs courtesy of Mike Bloomberg your favorite nanny, rule obsessed hypocritical little emperor of NYC.)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tompkins Closed Early to Lock out Protestors but Mayor Mike chronically uses closed heliport breaking curfew no tickets or arrest by NYPD

What Mike Bloomberg lie to newscaster!

Ron Sticco catches Mayor Bloomberg breaking the rules, a mayor who is a rule obsessed maniac.

A mayor that has the NYPD enforce curfews on parks and has had Occupy Wall Street pushed illegally out of Public spaces is so very guilty of chronically uses a heliport where there is a curfew and it is closed!!!!!!!

Where are the NYPD? Why isn’t the mayor being ticketed, arrested.....something?

He even committed perjury during the Haggerty Trial and broke campaign laws which carries jail time but Cy Vance believes politically connected and rich folk above the law.

More dirt on someone else using and abusing the heliport tomorrow! I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Mike Bloomberg King of Tech Disasters NYC Gov Resign!!!
Can I sue you on behalf of The People you tickets up to their eyeballs and charge u a mega-billion dollar fine for being the king of Fraud and the most mega corruption of tech contracts and regular old contracts where they over billed us and stole?

Mike Bloomberg King of Tech Disasters NYC Gov Resign!!!
Can I sue you on behalf of The People you tickets up to their eyeballs and charge u a mega-billion dollar fine for being the king of Fraud and the most mega corruption of tech contracts and regular old contracts where they over billed us and stole?

Tompkins Sq Park Closed Early Occupy Wall Street

Mayor Bloomberg Seedco CityTime 911 We Were Robbed Mike's Fault!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Arthur Brisbane Truth Teller Exposing Carolyn Ryan is Leaving

I hoped it would be Carolyn Ryan leaving and a courageous truth teller would take her poser spot to push Christine Quinn as a serious candidate for mayor along with other lies. Quinn is a puppet who used the gay gay gay to get where she is the powerful position of Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me, a puppet on a string.

NYPD Rape Heroin Cop Ken Moreno Considering Raping NYC Tax Payers & HBO

Well NYPD rape cop is not satisfied with getting away with sexually preying on a drunk vomiting beautiful young woman and getting away with less than a wrist slap for the 2 packets of heroin hidden in his locker in the 9th precinct -- he wants to rape the NYC tax payer and HBO.

Is this man a dumbed down version of the devil incarnate.

Surprise Joe Hell Bound Tacopina who blamed and trashed the victim to cover-up for his lying rapist heroin hiding cop isn’t representing Moreno. How did Moreno pay Joe Tacopina and ChadVenus Fly Trap Seigel’s stiff legal bills. Did they sell a porno police rape they didn’t try that....

Bless the activists that took posters and put them up in his neighborhood exposing his rapist heinous actions which the devil incarnate is still trying to profit from.

Pathetic. Joe Tacopina and Chad Seigel even worse because they are not as moronic as their heinous client.

Ever wonder why NYC is rape central?


Baby Lisa Lawyer Joe Tacopina's AS Roma Wiki media whore lapped up any attention like the tanorexic mother banned from tanning salons in New Jersey. Tacopina did not shine on the TODAY Show...see link below. Look at this photo-- Joe dyes his hair. His looks -- the outside -- the package more important than substance. That’s why he loves defending monsters, NYPD rape cops that hide heroin in their locker because he loves “make-overs”.

His appearance on tv "not a defense” (they don’t need one but nice to have Joe as your lawyer as rape cop will tell you) of Baby Lisa's parents but just to get his face on national TV at the expense of an innocent baby girl who we pray is alive. We pray she's not dead like Imette St. Guillen and Joe are you profiting from that heinous torture, rape and murder? Her family wouldn’t appreciate you blaming Imette for her own rape and murder.

How about Joe’s big loss here in NYC where the woman had her face gashed by a one leg millionaire. I'm surprised Joe hasn't used his misogynist blame the victim strategy in this case==oh yeah he did and the jury didn’t buy blaming the victim.

Watch the MSNBC video link below -- Joe blames the police department not his client rather than focus on his client who was drunk when Baby Lisa went missing.

The jury in the embarrassing loss for Joe Tacopina here in NYC didn't buy the blame the victim in the case of the one leg millionaire who gashed a woman's face and Joe Tacopina LOST that case but Melissa Grace erased Joe Tacky 0 from that loss completely!

Wonder why Joe Tacky O Pina's AS Roma fans who blog about his mistress in Italy trash talk him so much? Joe’s commentors give him hell and cast aspersions on Joe and his supposed mistress and sex toys and I am sure it is not true -- just trash talk you might hear playing a competitive sport.

On TODAY Joe Tacopina brags about his hotline to the FBI, and says he is in constant conact with the FBI regarding Baby Lisa Irwin.

Joe Tacopina Bio, did you use the same hotline to put your RAT-Me-Out Clients Bernie Kerik and Rafael Follieri in jail? Did you RAT Out Ronald Fischetti with this hotline too?
Are you a "Made Man" Joseph Tacopina AS Roma Wiki? Joe would say he did not rat out anyone.

Wow Joe Hell Bound Tacopina looking like the heavy he is in this video. When Tacopina uses the words “inconceivable” it is hard not to say look at yourself in the mirror Joe and your clients. Joe looks like a thug despite over priced slick suits.

Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel and Joe Tacopina Lawyer compare a woman's vagina to a venus fly trap. More proof Joe does not have a mistress or use sex toys because only a two lawyers that are very sexually ignorant, filled with sexual anxiety or filled with hatred of women would never be interested in sex toys and mistresses? Too much work for haters of women or maybe the opposite? Just wondering out loud.

Joe Tacopina scum. I can’t imagine having a baby and getting so drunk I pass out and my baby is gone. No wonder she can’t stop crying. I hope Baby Lisa is alive and if so she gets the care a child should have. Very disturbing and so is the fact Joe Tacopina crowed about getting a corrupt rapist heroin hiding NYPD rape cop off.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Amanda Burden Worst City Planner commissioner air brushed by The NY Times! Shameful!

The NY Times censors me so I just attempted to post the 1st paragraph only and see if I can get by the fascist NY Times political connected censors protecting and air brushing Mike Bloomberg and his corrupt administration along with Christine Quinn!  The NYT brought in an out of town Lesbian just to protect and promote Quinn as The NYT next mayor for financial reasons including real estate business of course so will this one paragraph below make it up?

Amanda The People’s Burden is the worst City Planner Commissioner in NYC’s history responsible for the most displacement since The American Indians.  When Amanda the People’s Burden and Mike Bloomberg say “progress” they mean get your moving van!”.   Amanda Burden has never had a zoning ruling where she did not rule in favor of her rich and connected oligarch pals and institution.

Amanda The People’s Burden could have given us zoning protection to save St. Ann’s Church from being torn down by NYU at 120 East 12th Street but of course she supported the illegal air sale by the USPS to NYU.  The USPS was suppose to notify the State of NY because St. Ann’s was built in 1847 but the USPS and NYU pushed through the illegal air sale with the corrupt Bloomberg administration’s  support.  

Amanda Burden’s message to the People of NYC.  Drop Dead!

Even Rudy Giuliani’s  city planner commissioner said no to Cooper Union tearing down their little Science Building and super sizing for non-education rentals.  He said it was a shell game.  Ditto for Cooper Union’s parking lot turned in to a zone busting sky piercing mirrored condo that reflects a history destroyed and a community no longer welcome!

Also check out the photo of Amanda Burden.    Her face is tighter than a drum.   She has had more plastic surgery done that all those crumbling stars on reality tv and talent competitions!   Amanda Burden is typical of the Bloomberg gals -- emaciated and as much work on her appearance as possible because being “real” isn’t an option.   How does she look at herself in the mirror?  Well she and her plastic surgeon clearly have an answer.

Amanda Burden’s message to the West Village, Chelsea, everyone that works and spends time there and of course the NYPD 06 Precinct and FDNY is DROP DEAD!   She could have given us protecting zoning for St. Vincent’s to only have a hospital along with Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn both sell-outs to Bill Rudin and The Rudin Family, Burden’s pals!

Wow why don’t I try a 2nd comment to post and see if this gets by the censors since The NYT are big time abusers of the 1st Amendment!

I have already gone to my blogs and posted what I really want to write as my comment knowing The New York Times would censor me and never allow freedom of speech but let’s see if The NYT will allow this link showing a photo I took outside Amanda The People’ Burden  The photos basically shares what many of us feel that Amanda Burden could given St. Vincent’s Hospital protective zoning and did not as usual ruling in  favor of the 1 percent pals in this case The Rudin family.  The message to the community from Amanda is “Drop Dead”.  See the photo.  If you censor this and my first comment which is tame than shame on the Old Grey Lady! No, I am not talking about Amanda Burden but The NYTimes!

I know activist fighting Columbia University and eminent abuse around the city pretty much hate Amanda The People’s Burden and the Bloomberg administration along with everyone displaced or forced to move for one reason or another.

So pissed off added a third try at posting a comment.

NYT censors activists from having a critical voice violating our first amendment rights! If my comments don’t make it up shame on you.  Mega-millionaire socialite Amanda the People’s Burden is the worst city planner commissioner responsible for pushing through the most corrupt deals all in favor of the one percent -- her pals from not giving us zoning protection for St. Ann’s to St. Vincent’s as well as supporting eminent domain abuse in every borough including the displacement of an entire neighborhood for Columbia U.  Two old grey ladies The NYT who violates critics first amendment rights to Amanda the People’s Burden who is an old grey lady that spend a fortune to pass herself off as city planner when all she is a vain socialite propped up by Mike Bloomberg.

Tompkins big dance fest but I focus on flowers

Friday, May 18, 2012

Cy Vance 1 Hogan Place SUV no Parking Placard Guy Works for Cy won’t tell me his name or explain illegally parked car!

There is a government vehicle parked outside 1 Hogan place.   I asked one of the two DA security that look like NYPD but are not who’s vehicle it is and they would not tell me other than confirm it is a gov. vehicle.

I believe it is Cy Vance’s but this man pulled up and refused to tell me his name.   He works for our government and won’t identify himself.

He must work for Cy Vance in some capacity and Cy Vance has to be aware that this SUV sits out there chronically with no parking placard so the message is ABOVE THE LAW!!!!!!

I will put out a tin cup and when I get enough give it to Internal Affairs to buy Cy Vance and pals parking placards!!!!!

Suzannah Troy Protesting Cy Vance One Term Cy Resign!

Cy Vance one term Cy -- NYPD Rape Cops, NYPD Rape Moreno's heroin, Cy not prosecuting St Vincent's crooks, Morgy Cy Deutsche Bank deaths FDNY Bobby Beddia and Joseph Graffagnino's deaths = short list No Justice!!!! Resign!!! Take Bloomberg and Mrs Bloomberg Christine Quinn with u Cy, bye bye!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The NY Post Pedro Espada Joe Tacopina 9th Precinct Rape Cop Heron Arrogance Misogyny Lies!

The NY Post blacked out Joe Hellbound Tacopina and his equally partner scummy Chad Venus Fly Trap comparing the NYPD Rape cop victim's vagina to a fly trap!!! The NY Post is the only paper to not eventually refer to the hate crime against women in court but when they want a comment on a scumbag from a scumbag they ask Joe Hell Bound Tacky-Opina. Only Pedro Espada is tackier than Joe! U know Venus Fly Traps lure they prey - perfect misogynist imagery!  Why would the Daily Mail in England run the article about Chad Fly Trap Seigel’s misogynist hate crime and The NY Post blacked it out completely!!!!!!!! Joe Tacopina "Lawyer/Liar" commenting on Pedro Epada! Shame on NY Post for such hypocrisy!

 Quoting Joe Tacopina wiki on the bowels of the criminal justice system.    Scour the bowels of the criminal justice system,  find cops who think its ok to rape drunk citizens who smell like vomit and who are represented by media whore lawyers whose soccer fans in Italy say they have mistresses and other “toys" sex toys, who then use their fee money to take stupid amoral jurors out to dinner. 

Joe Tacopina more arrogant than Pedro Espada is that is possible  but Pedro tackier than Joe Tacky-0... Close though!! Joe Bowels Law Tacopina is a real shit who celebrates getting his rapist heroin hiding NYPD cop off but ha ha Joe rape cop is going to jail !  
Hey Joe why r NYPD guns being stolen out of the 9th Precinct lockers -- just like a locker your NYPD rapist cop hid his heroin to plant on someone or barter for oral sex from a heroin addict gal?

Hey Joe -- you brag about being a PREDATOR in court in you video pitching you as a tv personality but what if a “Bernie Kerik” type situation happens to you and you find yourself in court with a defense attorney and end up behind bars?  Bernie Kerik never imagined he would end up in jail!

Hey Joe -- how did Bernie Kerik end up in jail?  Did you betray Kerik?

Watch Joe Tacopina’s promo video to become a tv star with Rocky music!!!!!  The link directly above and guess what it below the YouTube!  As seen on

You are welcome Tacky-O Joe!!!!!!!!!!!

NYPD Changes Policy Stop and Frisk

I got this pathetic email from Christine Quinn and the woman doesn’t have the guts to take a stand on anything. 
I got a meeting with her at City Hall with Norman Siegel at my side to talk about why her own district was locked out of testifying that they demand a hospital in the West Village.  I also called for an investigation in to why it took an ambulance a half hour to show up for a 75 year own man from Quinn’s district forced to stand out side in by private security 250 Broadway in the freezing cold.  Quinn and her staff were no were to be seen and this was her own staff.

Too date she has not been part of any investigation in to why her own district prevented from testifying -- l literally left out in the cold while Bill Rudin’s flunkies sailed right in and why the ambulance took so long.

Ask her about stop and frisks and it is all double talk.   Norman asked her how she would vote -- in favor of Rudin Luxury Condos or a hospital....and her answer after 2 years to decide and the vote the next day...”I don’t know.”

I think stop and frisks are humiliating but I am not saying abolish this procedure until we have cut the violence way down and for now there are gun shootings, drug sales and rapes are up so action must be taken and city council take their 6 figure salaries, slush, lulus and parking placards but are not front line at night in the most dangerous communities walking with NYPD instead beating Kelly down.

For Al Sharpton to protest Kelly on Father’s day is a pathetic.  Where are the fathers when their sons are surrounded by gangs on basketball courts and they are held up by gun or box cutter, beaten?  Where are the fathers to say son pull up your pants and put on a belt.  So see young males with boxer shorts hanging out and pants pulled down to almost their knees is the lowest self esteem and a sign of a child that is not loved and has no parental care what so ever.

Commish Kelly and the NYPD are at least trying and there are good souls out there that are doing their best to take back the communities but so much more must be done and instead we have only critics with splinters from sitting down and doing nothing to solve these devastating problems.

Rapes are up in NYC and under reported.    Shooting like is Viet Nam hitting babies and grannies is unacceptable.

What is so wrong with “fragile NY” that resolution comes in guns and box cutters?