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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Joe Tacopina Rat? Bragart! Promotes NYPD Rape Away Pena Did

Confucius say he who needs to toot his own horn is full of hot air. Read-n--barf click barf link will take u to Conn article.

Connecticut Mag didn't ask Joe the tough questions -- hey Joe any ideas why rapes are up in NYC and under reported? Joe do you think the newest Rape Cop Pena felt emboldened for any reason?

Tacky O Respects women? From Connecticiut to Rome, it's all summed up here:

Media Whore Joe “I don’t seek out publicity” Tacopina, what happened to your reality show and your king of the courtroom ?

Shouldn't it really be ... 1 800 full of yourself Joe "hellbound" Tacopina? And thanks for the shout outs to Fischetti and the haters!

You forgot to send a shout to your 1 800 rat-me-out clients like Bernard Kerik. Note: Joe Tacopina sent a message to amoral cops -- Rape Away -- Pena did just that.

Reminder Joe Tacopina and Chad Venus Fly Trap Seigel had quite a laugh comparing a rape victims private parts to a Venus Fly Trap but Judge Greg Carro didn't laugh and they stopped laughing when I filed a grievance with Supreme Court grievance committee. They agree with the Judge but no punishment. Seigel threatened me with a law suit unless I removed my grievance. I threatened to counter sue and shared a list of who I would call including ex-clients like Kerik and others -- including an ex-wife of Tacopina's for insight as well. No wonder Joe finds himself bragging so much. Seigel slandered me and Veterans that stood outside Tacopina Seigel including an 87 year old decorated WW2 Vet who had heart surgery and knee surgery but wanted to support me and the message out stop the Violence Towards Women and girls from babies to grannies. I also ran it past Internal Affairs because I was worried and still worry about possible contacts with cops that perhaps are less than savory. I would want to call every female family member of Tacopina Seigel. I never heard from them but outside the court house when they protestors stand across the street Chad Seigel peered over and if looks could kill I would be dead. Tacky0 just smiled. The cowardly press never asked any ideas why rapes are up in NYC?

One day Joe's raping oops I meant to say bragging might inspire activists to poster his community like women did NYPD Rape Cop Moreno's neighborhood. Moreno had heroin hidden in his locker but for some mystical reason that was thrown out of the rape trial. As mystically Cy Vance decided to role the heroin in to the 1 year Moreno was given for "little illegalities" as opposed to sex-ploiting a pretty disgustingly drunk woman who was vomiting non-stop but Moreno was very sexually needy so the vomit didn't discourage him from getting in bed with her to "do alcohol counseling" not the standard approach of AA I gather. Apparently AA says one day at a time not one bed?