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Thursday, May 17, 2012

NYPD Changes Policy Stop and Frisk

I got this pathetic email from Christine Quinn and the woman doesn’t have the guts to take a stand on anything. 
I got a meeting with her at City Hall with Norman Siegel at my side to talk about why her own district was locked out of testifying that they demand a hospital in the West Village.  I also called for an investigation in to why it took an ambulance a half hour to show up for a 75 year own man from Quinn’s district forced to stand out side in by private security 250 Broadway in the freezing cold.  Quinn and her staff were no were to be seen and this was her own staff.

Too date she has not been part of any investigation in to why her own district prevented from testifying -- l literally left out in the cold while Bill Rudin’s flunkies sailed right in and why the ambulance took so long.

Ask her about stop and frisks and it is all double talk.   Norman asked her how she would vote -- in favor of Rudin Luxury Condos or a hospital....and her answer after 2 years to decide and the vote the next day...”I don’t know.”

I think stop and frisks are humiliating but I am not saying abolish this procedure until we have cut the violence way down and for now there are gun shootings, drug sales and rapes are up so action must be taken and city council take their 6 figure salaries, slush, lulus and parking placards but are not front line at night in the most dangerous communities walking with NYPD instead beating Kelly down.

For Al Sharpton to protest Kelly on Father’s day is a pathetic.  Where are the fathers when their sons are surrounded by gangs on basketball courts and they are held up by gun or box cutter, beaten?  Where are the fathers to say son pull up your pants and put on a belt.  So see young males with boxer shorts hanging out and pants pulled down to almost their knees is the lowest self esteem and a sign of a child that is not loved and has no parental care what so ever.

Commish Kelly and the NYPD are at least trying and there are good souls out there that are doing their best to take back the communities but so much more must be done and instead we have only critics with splinters from sitting down and doing nothing to solve these devastating problems.

Rapes are up in NYC and under reported.    Shooting like is Viet Nam hitting babies and grannies is unacceptable.

What is so wrong with “fragile NY” that resolution comes in guns and box cutters?