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Thursday, May 3, 2012

NYC Tax Payer Money Can We Lojack it use GPS Tracking System?

("Reuters) - New York City collected $6.79 billion from personal income tax in the first 10 months of its fiscal year ending in April, up about $211 million from the same period in 2011, though Wall Street bonuses were a bit weaker than expected, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.”

From Suzannah:

Like the MTA one has to wonder where does all the money go? NYC Gov, The State of NY and the MTA all collect money hand over fist and the money goes in to a black hole -- aka deep pockets -- massive tax payer abuse --- we are seeing the greatest tax payer abuse ever specifically with Tech Contracts under mayor Mike Bloomberg -- not the great biz man and tech whiz we thought he was.

Mike Bloomberg makes city workers be lectured to on “conflict of interests” but no one is more guilty of conflicts of interest from Steve Pay to Play Rattner to Howie Wolfson, Patti Harris and how many relatives etc.

We want our billions in tax payer money back!

Do we have to lojack the money and put GPS tracking system on all the tax payer money?

However bad the tax payer abuse is and it is heinous -- so our is our 17 Trillion dollar deficit on a Federal level. If you want to begin to understand how that could happen look at how Albany and City Hall our run.

How long did it take to bust Pedro Espada and Carl Kruger? Too long. Many are waiting for Vito Lopez to go down and how many city council members -- some that no longer are employed by NYC gov but folks think they stole our tax payer money as well.

Wake-up New Yorkers!