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Saturday, May 26, 2012

East Village infrastructure wound years won’t heal

5 years ago this looked like the East River had come to 2nd Avenue.

Here is the latest proof.

Since than this area has re-opened over and over like a wound that won’t heal and I have the photos and years of blog posts and YouTube series documenting this.

Throughout NYC except on Mike Bloomberg’s block the streets of New York are in the worst condition possible and Mike did not inherit the City in such awful condition.

Yes the infrastructure underneath old but Mike Bloomberg and his socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the People’s Burden pushed a reckless tsunami of infrastructure on OLD NY’s infrastructure and the city streets and side walks are a mess.

The expansion also have not been addressed in the subway stations which often are leaking.....there a large crowds of people left standing after trains come and go because there is no room, there is pushing and shoving to get on the trains packed like sardines which is a natural impulse and crowded stairways that were built way too long ago to accomodate the reckless expansion Bloomberg continues to green light.

Hint -- NYU the evil empire and crushes of communities East Village, West, Chelsea to South St. Seaport.....

The video footage you see above is one block from Cooper Union’s hideous larger studio that I believe is responsible in large part for the water main break above since their construction and heavy trucks work assaulting that very street with their corrupt tear down of a beautiful building.

Note I caught Cooper Union having a press conference and they made the mistake of doing it in a public space where I happen to walk by so I told the press their public relations person is lying and we hate what Cooper Union is doing to the community.

The public relations woman denied the infrastructure break video taped above was related in anyway to their build. Yeah right.

Columbia U. , Ratner Development, Willets Point, etc. etc etc really too many sky piercing condos and luxury hotels. illegal builds by Cooper Union NYU and so many others but see how the street conditions are and Trumps zone buster where a construction worker died also had a decent water main break which happened to be by the Holland Tunnel.

Welcome to Mike Bloomberg’s hideous NY where the corrupt real estate billionaires and real estate magnates posing as higher education are putting greed before the safety and well being of New Yorkers and our infrastructure building way to rapidly to be monitored by Dept of Building who in my opinion is a failure and how dead bodies and injuries have we had under Mike Bloomberg’s DOB?

What about Dept of Enviromental Protection DEP? They failed us to and they play a major role in the problems of why certain sections of streets in NYC and the East Village keep re-opening up like a bad wound with water main pipes busting, sewage, gas leaks and man hole covers exploding.....

again a record number under Mike Bloomberg.