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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bill Thompson 300 Million $ Bill Battery Park + CityTime Crime Quinn Thompson Mayor NEVER

My comments post on NYDN....Read this and learn why Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn should not be running for mayor but huddled with lawyers re: their role CityTime.

Bill Thompson’s name is on the bottom of EVERY page of the infamous CityTime Whistle blowign letter from 2003 and Thompson did nothing!   Here is the YouTube I meant to post....this is the richard valcich letter and here is a link to see Bill Thompson’s name and Bloomberg;s on the actual letter.

Listen and learn and I don’t even read you all of the letter.  follow these links -- the Gill this Bill Thompson Article is referring too is Rose Gill Hearn’s posts will take you to her roll in CityTime Corruption and the fact she want on NY1 and did an infomercial for CityTime.  If NYDN blocks copy and paste --- it will take you to DNA article on Gill.  Rose Gill Hearn is the head of Dept. of Investigation and she had to have seen the whistle blowing letter with Bill Thompson’s name on the bottom of every page and Thompson did nothing to stop the corruption.  He is another hack who has profited from his role in city gov and his family as well I gather like so many that are not doing enough to help this great city.  He along with Bloomberg, Mark Page and Christine Quinn who brushed aside two investigations in to CityTime should be huddled with Defense Attorneys not getting even more money to run for mayor.

Again a reminder Rose Gill Hearn’s dad is the guy this article is referring to and she should have shut down CityTime when she came in to office as the head of dept of investigation and she didn’t because she is the political arm and puppet of Mike Bloomberg.

Her father is so powerful connected and she is just another bleached blonde Cathie Black.    Her Dad so connected like so many politically connected folks like Dave Paterson he got a wrist slap.