May 4 before the election only one to state Bloomberg may not win due to voter anger...used my political art poster lampooning king Mike - media blacked out. My YouTube channel was removed. Google apologized.
The YouTube that said No to renewing SAIC CityTime.

Monday, January 31, 2011

NYU the evil empire so twisted sick and exploitive, so destructive

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    01/31/2011 8:23 AM

    A shrink could determine why the president of NYU, John Sexton acts like real estate is heroin and he can't get enough. The only thing John Sexton, Mike Bloomberg and the worst city planner ever Amanda the people's Burden have not done is provide buses, trains and trolley to move the community out for NYU's viscous, ruthless and corrupt dealings to expand the campus as they destroy our neighborhoods and push out long term communities. NYU is a sick and twisted college and was the suicide capitol until NYU put up a suicide prevention shield in Bobst Library another eye sore that should never have been built on Washington Sq. Park.

    Read more:

    Saturday, January 29, 2011

    Someone explain Peter Powers SAIC Timeline -- Rudy Mike NYC Gov SAIC lots of questions

    Dear Bloggers: I am an artist -- so explain if you can the time line of when Peter Powers and his company got involved representing SAIC -- because it looks 2007 and isn't that when Peter Powers was standing in for his best friend and former mayoral boss, Rudy Giuliani?

    New York State Commission on Public Integrity (As if there is any, ha, ha, ha!)

    The chart below on Peter Power's company as lobbyist for SAIC came from NY State Commission of Public Integrity website.....

    Peter Powers is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Giuliani Partners;[5] he replaced Giuliani in this role[6] in June 2007,[5] as Giuliani was in midst of his campaign for president. Peters was formerly a deputy mayor of New York,[5] and many of the managing partners and executives of Giuliani Partners are former New York City officials, counsels, emergency services leaders, etc. from Giuliani's time as mayor.[7] There is a subsidiary of the partnership, Giuliani Security & Safety LLC (before 2005, Giuliani-Kerik), which focuses on security consulting, especially regarding buildings;[8] its Chairman and Chief Executive Officer is Pasquale J. D'Amuro, a former Assistant Director in Charge in the Federal Bureau of Investigation's New York office and an Inspector in Charge following theSeptember 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.[8][4] Other subsidiaries include Giuliani Safety & Security Asia and Giuliani Compliance Japan.[4]

    Thursday, January 27, 2011

    Beth Israel Emergency Room billing scam?

    I have other New Yorkers with loads of bills from Beth Israel for 20 or 30 dollars and the billing center is wasting stamps, paper and our time sending us these bills which have no date of service or explanation of what the 20 or 30 dollars is for.

    Is this incompetents or a scam?

    Sounds like a scam to me!

    I miss St. Vincent's big time!

    True News from Change accuses NY Press of dumbest press conference ever re: Questioning Mayor on Snow Blizzard

    By the way mayor, where were you and your deputy mayors like Patricia Harris during Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010? Mike still hasn't answered that question.

    New Yorkers Fight your parking tickets!

    New Yorkers: I urge you to check your traffic tickets and even bills you get in the mail like the ones I have been getting from Beth Israel for an emergency room visit where I paid my co-pay in full and my health insurance paid the rest but Beth Israel keeps sending me bills so my point is be alert because you may be being scammed or it may be incompetence or I don't know what but you also may not owe any money at all.

    Karen St. Matks Place After the Blizzard

    Theatre 80 St. Marks Place

    Save 35 Cooper Square Rally & Press Conference Friday 4:30

    Save 35 Cooper Square Rally
    & Press Conference

    Tomorrow - Friday,
    January 28 at 4:30pm
    at 35 Cooper Square.

    That's all for now.

    Take care.

    Wednesday, January 26, 2011

    thundering and lighting in the midst of snow storm

    city a a slushy snow mess

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    Mike Bloomberg Haggerty, Pensions Bloomberg's Blizzard LAW Suit subpoena...

    Sign Petition to Save 35 Cooper Square

    From the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors:
    Please sign the petition to save 35 Cooper Square from demolition and to push for landmark designation. This wonderful Federal-style house is one of the oldest buildings left on Cooper Square. In addition to its architectural significance, its important historical and cultural associations range from a direct descendant of Peter Stuyvesant to the building's much later habitation by Diane DiPrima, the most influential woman of the Beat Generation. This much-beloved little building has been both a significant participant and a surviving witness to New York City history for almost 200 years! Under the stipulations of the Landmarks Law, it qualifies on architectural, historical and cultural criteria for designation as a NYC individual landmark. Losing this house would be a significant loss to the history of the East Village for both cultural and historical reasons.
    Please click on the link to access the petition:

    Read more about the rich history of 35 Cooper Square

    From the Bowery Alliance of Neighbors:
    Please sign the petition to save 35 Cooper Square from demolition and to push for landmark designation. This wonderful Federal-style house is one of the oldest buildings left on Cooper Square. In addition to its architectural significance, its important historical and cultural associations range from a direct descendant of Peter Stuyvesant to the building's much later habitation by Diane DiPrima, the most influential woman of the Beat Generation. This much-beloved little building has been both a significant participant and a surviving witness to New York City history for almost 200 years! Under the stipulations of the Landmarks Law, it qualifies on architectural, historical and cultural criteria for designation as a NYC individual landmark. Losing this house would be a significant loss to the history of the East Village for both cultural and historical reasons.
    Please click on the link to access the petition:

    Note: I was sent this by an activist and it included a link to a blogger which I removed. This blogger who does not use his real name -- ran around telling everyone I was his friend. Turns out he did some nasty things that made it clear he is no friend/ He than took my work, the exclusive I had of Love Saves the Day closing and copied it and took took credit posting a photo of my friend and subject Karen who I had covered for an extended period of time yet his first and only post of her was the very same photo I posted days later with a more expensive camera. He is involved with a blogger that the NYPD knows has stalked me, photographed me from behind without my knowledge, approved hate comments that were anti-semtiic and gay bashing and also given me gifts of his photos.

    Sunday, January 23, 2011

    Friday, January 21, 2011

    Thursday, January 20, 2011

    The NY Times to charge 20 bucks to have full computer access? Will this mean more loss for the Old Gray Lady?

    Is it true Steve Rattner, Mike Bloomberg's money manager best friend, ditto for the owners of the NYTimes and NY Daily News advised buying the building pictured above that bankrupted the newspaper forcing the Old Gray Lady to make moves like this that continue to lose readership? In my opinion the paper would not cover the community crushing tsunami of development recklessly pushed by Mike Bloomberg and his pal socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden because they abused eminent domain like so many developers including Columbia U. and the Nets Stadum + Willet's Point.

    Monday, January 17, 2011

    True Grit Suzannah B. Troy give's Coen Brother re-make thumbs up

    The NY Post exposes Christine Quinn's priority-- turning to the bottle -- her hair color not the people of NYC!

    Picture the Homeless was banned by Christine Quinn from attending city council meetings until famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel contacted her office. He was directed to her legal council and they apologized. You can't ban a group of people but clearly dying her hair all these years has taken it's toll. Quinn has blocked Intro 48 which is a bill to have a count of how many empty lots and buildings there are in NYC and you could understand homeless groups want to know but as The NY Post points out Christine Quinn has her priorities and dying her hair as well as catering rich New Yorkers eager to donate $ to her mayoral run are her top 2 priorities. How can she face NYers when she refuses to help us to get a hospital to replace St. Vincent's. A gay man was attacked in the W. Village 2 blocks from St. Vincent's. Rushing him there saved his life as he was put in a coma to help his brain to heal. Thanks to politicos like Quinn we bail out banks but not hospitals. Quinn needs to quit a job serving the people and focus on coloring her hair.

    Suzannah B. Troy email to the press on Picture the Homeless and CityTime SAIC Rudy, Peter Powers, Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg

    As much as I blame Mike Bloomberg -- this CityTime SAIC disaster started with Rudy who I believe wanted to get cozy with SAIC and their subsidiaries to make mega-bucks.

    Rudy brings in SAIC before he leaves off so that is a decade ago and here we have is best buddy, his deputy mayor from that era, his business partner at times, being the lobbyist although I prefer pimp for the mysterious MTA SAIC deal that the MTA refused to discuss and when Greg Mocker confront the MTA and over-rides something SAIC is famous for -- MTA says an overrides will not go to the MTA but NYC Gov.

    *NYC gov has been SAIC's sugar daddy and SAIC thinks NYC gov has bottomless empty pockets.

    I do not understand why Mike Bloomberg continues to further entrench nyc gov dept. with CityTime when it doesn't work making a billion dollar price tag inevitable but as I say in my newest YouTube I would love to have Rudy and Peter Powers asked some powerful questions about their role if any and any money, any perks or benefits from SAIC and or their subsidiaries. Just my YouTube I also mention Christine Quinn.

    SAIC has had plenty of experience doing damage control so let's see how this plays out.

    *NYC Gov and Albany -- corrupt politicians like Pedro Espada as just one example have been treating tax payer $ like it is a bottomless pit for them to help themselves to. I wish all politicians would have to take public transportation. You should see Quinn and her life partner being chauffeured courtesy of the tax payers to this function where we protest her in a fancy black SUV.
    Truly disgraceful. She does not represent the people but wealthy pals. I just wish she and Scott Stringer had to take public transportation.

    Christine Quinn blocking Intro 48? Suzannah B. Troy speaks to Picture the Homeless to get the news!

    I spoke to Andres Perez from Picture the Homeless just now and he told me that Intro 48 is being blocked by Christine Quinn!

    What is Intro 48? Intro 48 is a city council bill that would empower NYC to conduct an annual count of vacant buildings and lots.

    Why would Christine Quinn block this bill that has been mysteriously stuck in front of Housing and Building committee of City Council since February 2010. There are believed to be 11,500 empty lots here in NYC.

    Having a count of the buildings would be a first step to looking in to providing housing for homeless and non-homeless people.

    Why would Christine Quinn block a count on vacant buildings?

    For another Christine Quinn horror story re: Picture the homeless -- Quinn actually tried to ban this homeless group attending city council meetings.

    note: I was with a group protesting Christine Quinn and an NYPD officer on the job 20 years looked at me when I suggested calling Norman Siegel because he had wrongly made us move when we were on a private sidewalk and were not blocking pedestrian traffic. He looked at me and told me -- he has the power, he could put me in handcuff for attitude. Again he was wrong. I spoke to his Lt. who confirmed the officer was wrong on both counts and he apologized for the officer's behavior.

    Here we are protesting Christine Quinn
    Reminder: Christine Quinn is aggressively fund raising to be our next mayor and so is Scott Stringer. Neither should ever be mayor of NYC.

    Saturday, January 15, 2011

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    Giuseppi Logan Full Circle ESP gig YouTube Suzannah B. Troy

    Giuseppi Logan has a gig ESP

    to tired to put up links but see my YouTube that rocked jazz lovers that bought his ESP records in the 1960's

    Google Guiseppi Logan Begin and what my first YouTube in a YouTube documentary series of over 20 tubes....

    GL comes full circle...yet again...

    Mayor Mike Bloomberg Black Out Sophie's Choice, SAIC, Quinn

    Check the comments I posted on this article...I was typing from the freezing cold street on my Iphone and posting. By the way you can post on the WSJ but not sister paper NY Post from smart phones. You can't even read comments on NY Post. I slam Quinn in the comment section of the WSJ article.;s=XA-pWqFwK25Ct0Uygfll505/f/mobile/news/local/schools_chancellor_cathie_black_Iao0mEDBXQxNlV6Jqum28N

    Wednesday, January 12, 2011

    Mike Bloomberg C- snow job & because he actually was here in NYC, Unbroken: WW2 Story Amazing + Gabrielle Gifford the Girl who kicked the hornets nest

    Mike did a C- minus snow job and why because he actually was here. It was Wednesday so of course he was in NYC. Friday he heads to Bermuda. Of course news papers beholden to him do a different snow job as in spin -- phony p.r for him.

    Unbroken: WW2 story about resilience, forgiveness redemption -- powerful -- torture mass murder beyond disturbing -- powerful book.

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is not the real title -- the title is the men how hate women and exposed today in The Wall St. Journal and The NY Post is the mass murderer who tried to assassinate Gabby Giffords was a misogynist. I conjure Lisbeth because the fictional character over comes a bullet wound to her brain and has a miraculous healing.

    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    NYU the evil empire Greed/Higher ed does not understand the meaning of the word NO! Stop the destruction of our neighborhood!!!!!!

    These greedy creatures posing as human beings clearly pray to their god the almighty dollar, the greed machine and do not believe in a higher court or prime real estate in Hell.

    John Sexton and Alicia Hurley how do you look yourself in the mirror.

    NYU, Cooper Union and Columbia University beat down community law suits, bust through our zoning to add more concrete smothering Mother Earth and are responsible for the mass displacement, shopping mall, high rents do to college kids high turn over which landlords love as much as the drug dealers embrace the large student population making NYU the drug capital of Higher Ed.

    NYU uses Broadway and Lafayette Street as their private parking lot for their way too many half empty buses and trolleys that pass local residents waiting and waiting for MTA buses.

    NYU students can't use public transportation like our NYC kids because NYU must clutter traffic and congest, smother, dominate, mega-dormed the East Village to death....

    You know more horror stories are coming because you can't be this greedy and get away with it with even with a mayor that favored real estate buddies over the people of NY and ditto for a socialite mega-millionaire city planner Amanda the people's Burden who acted like she was NYU, Columbia U., NY Law (the mega-dorm on E. 3rd St.), Cooper Union.

    Friday, January 7, 2011

    Rudy Giuliani wants to run for President lucky the people do not seem to know about Maximus, CityTime SAIC, and his affair which a much younger subord

    Reminder: Rudy brought us CityTime and brought in SAIC which may turn out to be one the biggest White Collar crimes in NYC gov history plus a massive tax payer waste. Before that he stopped the City from using AutoTime which was created by City Workers and worked and got outside consultants just like CityTime but Maximus lost just half a billion I believe. Why did he do this because hand washing goal White House. He had an affair with a much younger subordinate and gave her raise after raise giving her the biggest when he dumped her for his newest mistress Judi Lane. He made the tax payers pay for way too much.

    There is so much more to write about re: Rudy and his unusual relationships including Bernie Kerik now in jail.

    I kept writing about Rudy and Mike shoving SAIC on NYC gov. Why? They have their eyes on The White House.

    Rudy wasn't the only one to leave NYC gov and make big bucks...Peter Powers one of his deputy mayors did and guess for who --- SAIC for the MTA.

    I asked who is SAIC's pimp and one name that came up was Mike Bloomberg but here is another, Peter Powers. Wow nyc gov is some spring board isn't it for making big bucks after serving the people of New York!

    You have to give Rudy credit -- he parlayed his service in nyc gov in to 31 million dollars in earnings!

    If you want to read some interesting bits about Rudy and his young mistress who had her eye on someone much younger and better looking who she used to jump on and wrap her arms and legs around in front of Rudy...Rudy had him NYPD Confidential. I have a very long book review on it posted on Amazon.

    Thursday, January 6, 2011

    Karen Love Saves the Day tells New Yorkers check NYPD tickets you get in the mail, the one she received was wrong!!!!!

    If you receive a ticket in the mail check it carefully! Maybe someone was trying to make up for lack of ticketing but she received a fake, false, blatantly dishonest ticket so New Yorkers be on your guard!!!!!


    Mayor Bloomberg, Where about Commissioner of Health re: piles of garbage and rats, etc. + can CityTime handle Blizzard Time YouTube by Suzannah B. Tr

    Supporter of my work asked me this question:
    Where is the Commissoner of Health; Tom Farley? How high and how wide do piles of garbage equaqte to a public health risk such as rats/vermion and a host of other unwanted goodies.

    Rewind: Rats on subway platform in response to Blizzard

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011

    Mayor Bloomberg where were u Blizzard 2010 people died! Call for Feds to...

    Was Mike in Bermuda for Bloomberg's Blizzard Fiasco of 2010?

    Bermuda!!!! Mike is as transparent as his pal Steve Rattner who pleaded the 5th 68 times to SEC re: his role in NY pension funds, why Mike stands by Steve, Mike's 62 emails to Haggerty he does not want to share and Cy Vance doesn't care to read for some strange reason. Mike thinks we are like Cy Vance- we don't want to know! We do Mike. You are no longer king! Impeach his mini/me Quinn as well!!!!

    My YouTube Blizzard video that asks was Bloomberg in Bermuda? Look at date and here is my most recent with the same question....

    Main CityTime contractor, Science Applications International Corp.'s records subpoenaed by Feds + Sal Salamone NYC gov retiree lobbyist -- uh oh!

    1) Is Spherion a subsidiary of SAIC? 2) a good soul posted CNN iReport on NYDN from Feb 2009 that also fingers SAIC consultant nick name jellybean stealing as well. I am waiting for am investigation of SAIC consultants but truly all consultants. Full forensic audit needed. Much more to this story. I did youtubes on this AutoTime, Maximus, CityTime. When Rudy brings in Maximus than CityTime major stench and corruption on a white collar level and why?

    p.s. Folks: The CNN iReport is about to break 1,000 views. Check the date of this iReport by Whistle Blower.

    I have an answer to the question "why?" and I have answered it over and over on this blog. Watch my YouTube series which starts on SAIC in May 2010.

    Sal Salamone here are 2 postings and the one immediate below questions why he did not blow the whistle... well gee whiz, it is hard not to figure out why....

    there are probably more postings on this blog and mayor bloomberg but I have a funny feeling I spelled his name wrong so it doesn't show up on search....

    Fed's investigating Sanitation scandal Bloomberg's Blizzard focus on YouTube video Dunkin Donuts -- obviously Mike Bloomberg did not visit Coney Islan

    Found these links because I read this article above and went to YouTubeland and searched....

    The above link will take you to Dunkin Donuts and when the YouTube starts he refers you to these two tubes as well.

    Don't forget my YouTube channel with my newest YouTube about the scandalous 911 FDNY, NYPD, EMS emergency tech system that could become CityTime Part 2 and my tube is jammed with scandal and corruption besides Bloomberg's Blizzard!

    Reminder Mike Bloomberg and deputy mayor Goldsmith praised the sanitation dept.

    Viral YouTube Sanitation Dumb hits Ford Explorer (during Bloomberg's Blizzard) has over 3 million hits.

    p.s. Sanitation's Grave Mistake

    p.p.s. Denis Hamil reports Sanitation Dept. blames mayor Mike Bloomberg

    Tuesday, January 4, 2011

    Feds and District Attorney's office Queens and Brooklyn open investigation alleged Sanitation Dept. Bloomberg's Blizzard

    Reminder Bloomberg and his deputy Goldsmith praised the sanitation dept.

    The famous YouTube slamming the Sanitation Dept. has broken 3 million views!!!!!!

    Mike Bloomberg picks outsiders who are not in touch with the people of NY, they don't have their eye to the ground they shut their ears to the People

    You have to click on the link and go to the arrow for text portion -- to read more - click on the arrow and scroll down until you see Erik Enquist's article on Strike 2 for Deputy Goldsmith....

    My brief interview with Goldsmith proves he is out of touch and look at date - his first day on the job talking to the press and movers and shakers...Crains

    Murders, rapes and robberies are up here in NYC

    Monday, January 3, 2011

    John Liu's press release: Calls for Time-out to prevent CityTime 2 re: FDNY, NYPD, EMS 911 Tech System, watch my new YouTube Bloomberg, Steve Rattner

    ECTP = Emergency Communication of Information Technology (aka known as CityTime 2 because of massive over spending of tax payer money and it does not work properly.)

    Go to YouTube and click on the text portion arrow which gives you links including to John Liu's press release.

    check links for John Liu's press release and Dan Primack's piece on Steve Rattner that at the bottom slams Mike Bloomberg as well.

    NYU the drug capital for college kids beats out Columbia U. but just by a little - no surprise the kids treat drugs the way NYU Pres. John Sexton trea

    I have written countless times the drug dealers welcome the massive student expansion as much as the greedy monster behind it John Sexton and the community does not for many reason starting with not wanting to live in NYU-ville with illegal, corrupt real estate grabs, ditto for Columbia U. and all the NYU buses and trolleys - we get it -- John Sexton wants to keep all the drug addicts college kids away from public transportation to protect the community...?

    NYPOST Comments (5)

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      01/03/2011 3:16 PM

      I get it! NYU students act the same way their President John Sexton does but he does it with our community grabbing up real estate in any greedy and corrupt way possible! Visit 120 East 12th Street. St. Ann's Church survived everything but NYU's need and greed to mega dorm the E. Village to death. In this corrupt deal the USPS, a mega-billion dollar loser that also is above the law never notified the State of NY when the sold the air space over St. Ann's to NYU as legally required. The USPS decided it was like blocking a fire hydrant or threatening and intimidating customers -- they can just do it and get away with it and they were right! The college kids at Columbia U., NYU, Cooper Union and those living in the illegal zone busting build on 3rd St. NY Law just do what their corrupt colleges do with illegal real estate dealing but they do it with drugs! No wonder NYU has kids take private buses and trolleys -- they want to protect us from their druggie college kids! I thought it was because NYU students were not bright enough to take public transportation like our NYC kids do!

    Read more:

    Mike Bloomberg is the party mayor and supports NYU and Columbia and Cooper Union's tear down and mass displacement so I am sure Mike's message is party on!

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    The NY Post, David Seifman finally asks what I asked from this blog and YouTubeland -- Where was Mike during Bloomberg's Blizzard 2010? by Suzannah B.

    East Village Sunday today... Plow Dance

    The NY Post has some Sanititation workers drinking not plowing....

    FYI -- I do believe some corrupt dealings will be exposed and Bloomberg's Blizzard is a disaster but reminder -- there were good hard working sanitation dept. workers out there.

    Finally someone other than me writes about where was Bloomberg during the Blizzard.

    I jokingly asked if he was in Bermuda. He could have been for his non-presence and lack of caring.

    Just a reminder to learn more about the other massive scandals that most New Yorkers don't seem to know or care about.

    p.s. Amazing how Mike gets Time Square cleaned and snow free to party on while we have New Yorkers from babies to seniors dying in Bloomberg's Blizzard in which the mayor and his deputy Goldsmith are praising the sanitation dept. and streets were still not cleaned and subways lines not running for days....truly scary. Drug test Mike Bloomberg...denial is the new crack cocaine.

    p.p.s In case I get banned from commenting on The NY Post's website yet again....

    Bloomberg was in Bermuda! I am joking but for his lack of presence he might have in Bermuda! If only the people of New York were as angry with Mike Bloomberg about so many other corrupt mis-deeds besides Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010. How many people died in the reckless tsunami of community crushing development and on old NY's infrastructure? David, your paper asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg sent to Haggerty. Why isn't Cy Vance asking? Mike refused to turn them over to you. Are his emails like Rattner's Cayman Island dealings for Mike's charity - subpoena proof? Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us w/ the economy. Quinn-Bloomberg only helped their pals. Look up Christine Quinn's list of campaign donors. Anyone paying attention to Mike standing by Steve Rattner who payed to play NY State Pensions and than paid not to go to jail or to plead guilty? Rattner was very lucky Cuomo dropped perjury charges. NYers please get mad about this and CityTime. Stay tuned for CityTime SAIC and Spherion and Rudy-Mike's need to hire SAIC and why?

    Heads-up for those who haven't read my long piece from this AM. Rudy started it with Maximus and than CityTime using SAIC and Mike took it to a whole other level -- of hand washing and White House aspirations....You have to read my piece but pre-Rudy's ambitions AutoTime worked just fine, could have been expanded and was owned by the City of NY, created by City of New York workers. I don't know if Bloomberg was the guy that brokered the deal to sell CityTime on behalf of SAIC to other gov. agencies once it was up so the city of NY would get a kick back or % percentage of the sale as told to me by a little birdie -- but it could have been done selling AutoTime minus SAIC that is a global operation that handles spying, military, media, computer operating systems etc.

    Rudy left the City Hall and made 31 million dollars and Mike wanted to make the White House and bring along all his good friends including the campaign staff we pay 2 million to advise Mike at City Hall-- all about corruption, hand washing, pay to play, kick backs with an eye on The White House in my opinion. Nice New Yorkers are finally angry-- the snow is melting and there is a lot more to be angry about.

    Stay tuned for CityTime and SAIC -- Spherion role and the close to 700 million over rides approved by Mike Bloomberg and gang.

    By the way -- CityTime is not handling over time Blizzard 2010 well at all -- I hear....

    Photos East Villlage

    go to my central blog did not have time to post....

    Calls for Bloomberg to dump Goldsmith but folks it won't happen == let me tell you about Steve Rattner, SAIC and CityTime, Bloomberg Quinn on why we n

    I have been asked will Mike Bloomberg make his newly recruited deputy mayor step down? The answer is no. Goldsmith is just doing what Mike would do but FYI, Mike has stood by Steve Rattner through thick and thin. Mike Bloomberg and the owners of The NY Daily News and The New York Times all have the same best friend and money manager who is also a big time fund raiser for the democratic party and his name is Steve Rattner, no relations to developer Bruce Ratner with one T.

    Steve Rattner was caught in the big time "pay to play" NY pension fund scandals and he was made to also pay to not go to jail - millions in fines which is nothing to a very rich man that earns millions handling Mike Bloomberg's fortune and Rattner was banned by the SEC and AG from trading, etc. but Mike still has him in place as his financial advisor. By the way, why does Rattner take some of Mike's money for charity and go off shore to the Cayman Islands? Isn't that a tax shelter and also is like the 62 emails that Mike doesn't want to turn over to The NY Post he sent to John Haggerty (google Haggerty Bloomberg broken campaign laws) -- and FYI for some strange reason Cy Vance does not want to see the emails either.

    Cayman Islands and Mikes emails = subpoena proof meaning we will be getting no transparency.

    Cayman Islands -- emails sent to John Haggerty that would perhaps further prove Mike Bloomberg and gang -- including deputy mayors behaved less than ethically to win, buy a third term aka broke campaign laws and also spent 109 million "on the books"...because there was off the books spending as in Mike's charity not to mention back room dealing aka promises that would fatten fat cats perhaps with real estate deals that the communities through NYC fight?

    Gettiing back to Rattner, based on Mike Bloomberg standing by Rattner my guess is the only way to get Goldmsith out is with public outcry and if only we could kick Bloomberg, his 2 million dollars in tax payer money campaign staff he hired after they helped him barely win a 3rd term and Christine Quinn who helped Mike sell the great lie Mike must have a third term to help us with the economy when it was only about Bloomberg and Quinn helping their pals. Look at Christine Quinn's campaign donations for more info on that and slush money awards by Quinn this term and last.

    Do not forget CityTime the 80 million stolen is only the tip of the iceberg -- this was suppose to be a tech time clock to prevent workers from stealing but so far consultants and friends were caught stealing and when there is a full forensic audit we will learn a lot more about SAIC and Spherion. Again Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn were protecting CityTime and Mike still is protecting CityTime and SAIC who Mike wanted to get their fully contract Sept. 30 but we fought hard and John Liu did the job that Bill Thompson should have done way back which was severely limited SAIC's need to suck 100 of millions of dollars of tax payer money for a program CityTime that does not work.

    Google SAIC Vanity Fair to learn more. Hmmm, who pushed through the MTA SAIC deal which luckily got killed and the Sanitation SAIC deal as well? Who is pimping for SAIC and why?

    NYC gov has AutoTime. The City owned it and it worked. Rudy brought it Maxiums and it cost half a billion and failed. Than he brought in CityTime and SAIC and ditto but he gave it to Mike like it was cocaine and Mike was a drug dealer. Maximus signaled taking mega buck tax payer money and handing it over to consultants -- non- NYC gov workers and it was in my opinion for poltical hand washing and goals both Rudy and Mike had after their service as mayor as in eyes on The White House.

    This year major scandals should be exposed re: CityTime SAIC and Spherion. I have done many posts and YouTubes on this....

    The CNN iReport -- a place for regular people to go to report the news -- the link below is from 2 years ago and fingers the crooks who got busted by one guy -- an SAIC consultant I have not heard anything in the news about -- why is that. He is fingered as blatantly stealing as well. Go to the iReport link.

    I am glad New Yorkers are angry but there is a hell of lot more they should be angry about and calling for the removal of Bloomberg, his campaign staff, Goldsmith and Christine Quinn.

    Also reminder: the slush fund investigation at City Hall is still on -- just moving slower than a turtle in molasses.

    I am truly too exhausted to check typos but you get the heart and soul of what I am communicating to you,

    Suzannah B. Troy

    p.s. Remember I fought Bloomberg's reckless tsunami of community crushing development that displaced record numbers of NYers, too many died as well and all on an old infrastructure that is shot to hell and dangerous as well including the corrupt MTA another disaster waiting to happen -- like Con Ed no one could keep up with this reckless expansion but none of the powers that be spoke up because it was all about greed and stupidity. Thanks to socialite city planner Amanda the people's Burden another Bloomberg puppet that should be fired and tarred and feathered along with the rest.

    Old post below:

    Mayor Bloomberg shielded from blame by media: True News for Change

    Go to True News and read the numerous postings on this which he contrasts
    with the treatment of Mayor Lindsay. I want to add the press has been shielding Bloomberg-SAIC. This Ireport by a whistle blower fingers than SAIC guy for stealing $ CityTime and we have yet to hear his name and SAIC implicated in the mega-millions stolen.
    There appears to me to be a cover-up for the mayor and SAIC in my opinion.
    Who is SAIC?

    Check back with True News later today -- he will have more news you need to read...