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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tourist bus & empty NYU trolley Mayor Bloomberg's priority over the people of this great city

To your left a tourist bus and to your right an empty NYU trolley for John the church murder (St. Ann's 120 East 12th Street) Sexton's continued expansion of the evil empire NYU at the community's expense.   This photo sums up the mayor's priority and it ain't the people of this city but tourism and real estate starting with NYU the no. 1 real estate magnate with the deepest pockets and the most powerful connections.

John Sexton ran down to testify for Mayor Bloomberg saying Mayor King Mike should have that  3rd term because 
NYU is the no. 1 real estate magnate and Bloomberg is the real estate mayor.   The next mayor if it ain't Mike will not cater to NYU's destruction push out for college kids over the people of this city.

I always said John Sexton, Mayor Bloomberg and Amanda Burden our socialite mega millionaire city planner have done everything but provide NYU buses trolley and trains to move us out for NYU students housing and NYU's continued expansion.

Ditto:  Columbia U.  No. 3 real estate magnate

Ditto:  Cooper Union

Not to profit which makes it more obscene real estate magnates posing as high ed.  nice.........

We are an inconvenient existence, we are an inconvenient truth....