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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Robert Rubin earned 64.4 million dollars in 3 years at Citi Bank and he defends his role at Citi Bank

Robert Rubin is above it all, sorry, a nice guy I am sure but yup I do believe he is above it and he is front page today The Wall St. Journal defending his role at Citi Bank and he is not going to defend his pay check for 3 years work $64.4 million dollars.

Here is the link: and it makes me think "Ben and Jerry" the radical ice cream makers had a point about their politics -- salary ratio of the top person in the company versus the bottom...

(note -- at the above link bottom of the article, another gentleman, "Roberto Hernandez cashed out $737 million dollars worth of shares in Citi-bank mutual funds before the stock crash...")

Rubin won't be asked to defend that I am sure or much of anything as he makes his way to the White House again...

can't help thinking what I think about NYC's local politics -- hey Mike, hey socialite mega millionaire city planner, Amanda Burden--- that destroyed the East Village-Lower East Side and made it look like Dubai (now matter what phony baloney she has the press print about her dedication to keeping the integrity of the neighborhood which she personally delivered the final death blows to with St. Ann's, with Cooper Union's studio and science building, NY Law School on 3rd, the hideous sky piercing hotels and condos), how about opening your wallets that have enough money to fund a small country or two and do some rescue...DITTO ROBERT RUBIN, and a long list of mega wealth that seem impervious to the economic meltdown and ALSO INVISIBLE -- even the mega bucks entertainers who are in your face seem to be invisible on the radar of this new economy of mega wealth, many making their fortunes here and declaring anywhere else home when they have the biggest homes in the NYC.