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Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Laura" a murder mystery in NYC on Channel 13 9PM tonight!!!!

Yo!  You know I want "murderville (East Village)" made in to a film,  a modern  version of Laura with a very dark twist or two,  a murder mystery ghost story, really a metaphor for the destruction of "old" New York ... an activist is missing, she has been murdered, can't find her body but they are picking up intermittent signals from the gps on her iphone, even some ghost like images on Google Street View -- haunting images but they can't find her body, I can tell you the body is buried next door to where she lived, under what was St. Ann's Church, now the newest hideous NYU mega dorm.... Why can't they locate her body?    Is NYU in on it -- I mean they can't afford to have the 900 college kids crammed in to that hideous dorm vacated to dig up the base of that hideous dorm if she was buried there.  Who would want her dead?    Is it one person or a bunch of people?

Instead of a hunky Dana Andrews it's NYPD techno-cop whiz kid (my no. 1 choice Ryan Gosling but no working out and he has cultivated his inner nerd)  leading the investigation at least with the newest state of the art technology, billionaire Silicon Valley whiz kid retired at age 28 turned head of the techno-task force, salary $1 dollar like Mayor King Mike Bloomberg!!!!!!!!!   Even the billionaire mayor is a little in awe of this under 30 multi-billionaire head of the NYPD's techno task force...  (Murderville part 2 NYC -- I might make the techno-cop Mayor of NYC with a salary for a buck because of global crisis the people of NYC overwhelmingly vote for the techno-whiz kid as Mayor of New York but that is part 2!)

Isn't strange billionaires don't want to just stay home and enjoy their mega bucks?  Isn't it even stranger they want to come work for the City of New York for a buck?   Is she really dead or is her ghost giving the techno-cop with state of the art technology a run for his money and why would she do that?  Why would she want to impede the investigation?

Just my fictitious ramblings but it is symbolic...tune in to Channel 13 tonight....

ps    Also listen to West Side Story's music -- so New York in so many ways...always people trying to convince others they don't belong and I love the "Somewhere"  "I feel pretty"  "Maria" "One Hand One Heart",

pps  Dana Andrews was a super hottie in this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Laura was an old black and white murder mystery that takes place in New York....Dana Andrews does make one hot New York police detective!!!!!!!